Series to watch on Netfllix this summer

Dasie Gervacio and Mitchelle Aguilar

1) 13 Reasons Why
After a high school student’s shocking suicide, a classmate receives a bunch of tapes which causes him to solve out the mystery of her sudden death.
2) Dear White people
College radio host Samantha White leads a movement over a blackface party on campus, when a new discovery of her love life put hers in an awkward position.
3) Scandal
A team of D.C. fixers make scandals disappear while handling the perplexities of government and coping with their own problems.
4) Grey’s Anatomy
Intern Meredith Grey finds herself in and out of personal and professional passions with doctors at a Seattle hospital.
5)Stranger things
When a young boy vanishes, a small town discovers a 51 Area like facility right out of the borders of their home where terrifying supernatural forces and a small girl play out.
6) Black Mirror
This series follows a relatively high-tech near-future where humanity’s innovations and instincts combine.