Hoarding Exposed!


BY: Dasie Gervatcho and Prizilla Hernandez

Students at APB have a serious issue. They are hoarders.

Many students at animo pat brown tend to have big piles of paper at home but don’t let me get started over what their backpacks look like. Yes we’ve been taught and trained to be organize with those 2 inch binders but that hasn’t been all that much of a success for the students here. The evidence is plain as day: backpacks filled to the brim with a hurricane of papers, faces panicking when asked to pull out a specific sheet, hands going through miles of trash trying to find what they need.


This has become a serious issue and I guess you can say maybe an epidemic. It has been spread around the school at a faster pace as the end of the school year approaches. Senior Octavio Gallardo said that the only real reason he use a binder was because it was check for guidance. Meaning that it counted for a grade but other than that he feels as if he didn’t need a binder. However, most students like myself carry a clipboard with papers that will be used for that day and have stacks upon stacks of paper at home because I am unsure of what is trash and what is not. Sometimes, the teacher asks for a paper given a week ago and that spurs the student to keep a larger and larger arsenal of papers. The location of that stack is different for everyone. For some, like me, it is kept at home, for others it is kept safe in their backpacks, and for the the rest it is kept in the trash.

Clear witnesses of this horrendous crime are the teachers. Ms. Ramos and Mr. Villagomez stated “It takes lots of valuable class time when the kids have to look through their backpack to find the right paper”. Ms Ramos continued stating “Most kids don’t value a clean space to keep their things in, but they’re going to learn that it really makes a difference”.
Paper hoarding will forever be the legacy of the school.