Pot Shop Chaos

By: Estefania Hernandez & Michael Zuniga

During the November 2016 election, the use of recreational marijuana was made legal as a result of proposition 64 being passed. Immediately, there were medical marijuana shops opening up all over the place. These businesses are not authorized to sell within 600 feet of a school or youth center. Recently one was situated near APB. Is it legal for them to be located where they are now? Is it 600 feet?

According to our principal Mr.Reed, the reason they want to close this place down is because, “Medical marijuana  is legal in certain areas, but in our neighborhood unincorporated L.A. County they are flat-out not allowed”. Apparently parents have expressed to Mr.Reed that they don’t want it in the neighborhood and it’s for the same reasons that it brings in substances that are bad for kids. Phone calls were made to parents regarding the issue and informing them that they were going to try to make that shop close down. Unfortunately, things like these don’t get “fixed” right away but there was a community meeting where the Los Angeles County marijuana control agency attended and gave a presentation to parents and talked about what was going on. Eventually, the facility will be closed down and everyone will live happily ever after.

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