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By: Jenifer Serrano, Linda Donis, Jasmine Perez


As the year comes to an end for seniors and graduation is right around the corner, we’d like to give the upcoming seniors advice and rules they should go buy in order for their senior year to be yet smoother than for some us who had a rough time during this year. Senior year can either be a good year for some of you or it can be a tough time for you, it all depends on your hard work and effort you decide to put in.

The work can be easy but all you have to do is put in effort and do your best. Senior, Natalie Navarro states, “Some advice I’d give is to keep up with your deadlines and your classes and just have fun when possible.” Keeping up with your classes is a number priority seniors should have. They are necessary in order to graduate on time but they are also important for when you start applying to college. Senior Estefany Anzaldo states, “Don’t pay attention to the negativity, keep a positive mindset and work on improving yourself for yourself not anyone else”. Senior year is not only about improving yourself but also improving your mistakes and learning from them.

I’d like to say that senior year can either be a good year or a bad year, it all depends on how hard you work and how much effort you put in. Don’t ever leave anything for last minute unless you can write a whole essay at midnight then go for it but it’s better to not stress yourself out. You’ll want to have fun and believe me, you’ll have a pile of late assignments piling up every time you don’t turn something in on time. Been there done that and it’s no fun believe me. You all should motivate one another and never put someone down. Help one another and ask questions when possible even if you think the question might sound stupid. A stupid question is always a good question, especially in highschool and college.

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