How can we better the Community?

By Virginia and Veronica

People have the power to make a change. There are many problems that surround us in our everyday lives like dirty alleys. The smallest changes we do in our community can have the biggest impact. We need solutions that will value the health of the  people and the environment. Have you asked yourself what actions you can take to help our community?  

Throughout the years there has been an increase of filthy allies and even people living in the streets. This was caused due to people throwing trash and leaving furniture in the middle of the alleys. As the number rose for the amount of trash in the community, an unhealthy environment for not just the adults but the children rose as well. People who visit the streets of Los angeles may even be afraid to put a step in a street. A senior like Ilse Bravo said, ” Dirty allies are ugly. People do not want to come near it. This has lead to stereotypes into thinking that it is a bad neighborhood.” To add on, Los Angeles has been seen as a place filled with different group gangs. As some may known the crips and the bloods. Many conflicts are nearby our community. However, there is always an answer for a solution as to how we could become a safer community like in other places. For the people that Live In Los Angeles we have a voice to make an impactful change help each other solve the problems that exist in our community.

San Francisco, for example has a lot more receptacle form of garbage compared to Los Angeles. They should have compost packaging or bins in L.A. to help reduce the use and need of chemical fertilizers. Teacher Ms.Siemiontkowski says, “ L.A. should have more garbage cans.” The lack of not having enough garbage cans causes the people to start throwing trash on the allies and not having compost bins make people throw food scraps on the floor. She also argues how local elections affect measures on ballot to help improve facility for homeless. She said, “such as donating to the homeless, and volunteer at centers. Some ways to not have dirty allies is helping out in the community such as clean up the area.”

Senior Yalitza Isaiz says, “many people are afraid to go in allies because of how it looks; having stop signs for cars on some allies will be helpful.” This will not only make the area safer but can make at least a change of how people will feel in their community, and more cautious of things around them. Public spaces should be cleaned and more dumpsters should be installed, also garbage collection service should be established.

There are many homeless increasing each day, which can be due to being jobless or not having the support they need. Teacher Ms.Espiritu says, “ Due to mental health issues they should have a policy that creates support for mental health issues.” Ways to help support those in need of this. She also talks about how there is a lot of pollution not only in alleys, but also on train tracks and other places. This is a big issue in our community because if we were to carelessly toss out an item it will bring huge environmental impacts. Litter is not only a threat to the public’s health but also attracts vermin.

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