The Friendship Equation

Loyalty is hard to find. In some cases, even close friends can betray. I believe that trust is given and loyalty is earned. From my experience, a friend means having a shoulder to cry on and spending days filled with adventure and laughter. In the beginning of high school, I did not know what the Friendship Equation was. As time has passed, I’ve learned that real friends aren’t the ones who have known you the longest. Real friends are those who you learn together with. In the end, they are the ones you create a special bond with.

So, what is the Friendship Equation? What makes a friendship stronger? I went around and asked some students at APB what they believe the friendship equation to be. Senior Martha Aguilera said, “Communication is the key to a strong friendship.” If you have a relationship with a person (whether it be romantic or platonic), it is important for both individuals to talk about problems occurring in their life. Being able to communicate about personal issues with one another shows trust. There may be some opinions on who could be considered trustworthy, or how we determine when it is time for someone to tell their secrets. The truth is you get to decide. It does not matter if you know the person for a year or just a week, if you feel like talking to someone about your problems, then you should do it.

There has been times where I question if a friendship will last. At the moment of having negative thought about a friend it can make you feel like you should remove that person from your life. For example, you can have a great connection with a person you are able to trust, but once they do you wrong, you end up pushing them away. It is understandable for you to desire revenge, but that would only create more drama.The only way to avoid this situation is by ending the friendship. In some cases ending a friendship is healthy between people.We all have the power to walk away from a friendship if we feel like it is not going to work out. However should we give up on the person?

It all depends on the impact the person has on you. In school, I interact with a group of people that have shown me how to become a better person. To add on, with all the love I have received, it has taught me that self love is the best love and should be shared with the people that surround us.

The Friendship Equation should be being there for your friends when they need you. You should actually check up on one another everyday. Sometimes people may act like they are fine, but we really do not know that. It is not easy to find a true friend but it is not impossible either. You just have to put effort into the friendship to maintain the equation.

For the people who do not believe in the Friendship Equation. It is understandable because as you get older there are many experiences that changes the way of thinking, but if you really want to be different from other people learn to practice the friendship equation.


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