Dreams meaning?

By: Marilyn Arredondo, Emmanuel Tovar, Bruce Mondragon

A dream is one of the most pondered mysteries of life. Everyone experiences them whether they remember them or not. Dreams are a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during the REM stage of sleep. Any face that you see in a dream is from a memory that already coexists; so you can only see a face that you have already seen before. Studies show that they predominantly revolve around the emotion of anxiety including  blind dreams. They are capable of having very vivid dreams involving their sense of smell, touch, taste and there feelings.Some people have the misconception that you don’t frequently dream, but if you are over the age of ten you generally dream 4 to 6 times every night. The reason for this comes from the fact that many people do not remember their dreams so they assume that they don’t have any. To remember your dreams you can keep a journal by your bed to record them. This is necessary due to the small frame in which you can remember quickly diminishes as the time passes, after five minutes go by 50% of your dream is forgotten and after 10 minutes 90% of your recollection is already absent. Many people feel that they spend days in there mind dreaming but in reality the length of a dream can widely vary but does not last hours it can be as little as a few seconds but regularly a maximum of 20-30 minutes. Dreams are awkward mix of your thoughts and emotions but there are many people who have lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is when you have control of your dreams and you are aware of your unconscious and can decided what happens. Lucid dreaming can happen randomly or be induced by the person through various techniques.


The interpretation of dreams varies from person to person and are unsolved mysteries but these are the 12 most common dreams and what they are believed to mean

  • Falling

When people dream of falling it said to mean that they are facing a problem in their life and feel that they have no control of what’s happening. It may be with a relationship, at work, or family but it’s your subconscious giving you a red flag.


  • Teeth falling out

There is a lose of confidence in the person’s life and there are relationships being broken.



  • Showing up to work and school naked

The person is feeling as if there is a part of them exposed in real life or someone who is coming into a public view

  • Test taking

They  usually are perfectionist people who are worried about a literal test. It can also mean that the person is stressed about another aspect in their life.

  • Dying

When someone dreams of dying it says that they wish to get rid of an aspect in their life. They  want to get over a relationship, leave a job, or even kill off a memory in the past.


  • Meeting a celebrity

When dreaming of a celebrity the person can have a personal need for recognition or simply wish to meet the celebrity.

  • Being chased

When being chased it can signify that the person is running away from a problem in real life and should face it both in the dream and in reality.


  • Partner is cheating

When someone dreams there partner is cheating it’s generally because one of the partners is spending too much doing something that doesn’t involve the other along with lack of confidence and trust.

  • Showing up to something late

When someone dreams that they showed up to something late it’s that they are feeling overwhelmed in their life and doing too much.


  • Flying

There might be an out of control situation in real life and the person wants to be released from the stress and pressure that they’re feeling and just fly.  

  • Being pregnant

When a girl dreams that she is pregnant is can be as simple as wanting to come out pregnant. But others also see it as a sign that there is a problem in their life or a new project occurring in the person’s life.

  • Driving an out of control vehicle

The meaning of this dream is what it looks like. That the person feels that they’re losing control of an aspect in their life or maybe they’re just bad at driving in real life.



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