An Apple a Day Keeps The Nurse Away

By Kevin Mosqueda, Yasmin Perez, Emmanuel Tovar

Coughing and sneezing is something you hear in every classroom throughout APB. Usually students are sent sent home when they feel ill. One question that tends to come up a lot is, “Why doesn’t APB have a nurse?” In order to figure out why our school doesn’t have a nurse we interviewed some students and staff about why they think APB doesn’t have a nurse and if our school would benefit with a nurse.

When we asked the World History teacher, Ms. Jang about why APB doesn’t have a nurse she said, “ There isn’t enough space at our school for a nurse.” She also said, “If we’re to have a nurse students will only be using the nurse as an excuse to get out class. And at my previous school where I was a teacher, all the nurse ever did was send students home.” Considering this one could say that  our main office is our nurse since they’re the ones that send us home when we feel ill.

Is there really a benefit to having a nurse or is it just a burden for the school?When we asked Freshmen Eva Barba, she said, “I don’t think we should have a nurse at APB because we can just go to the office for anything.” Whenever a student  reports feeling ill the office only option is to send to student home.Eva also said, “I don’t think the nurse could help with anything because for the most part they send you home just like the office would do. As for the cons, space at APB is limited so I do not believe there would be room for a nurse here. At my old school having a nurse did not do much and was more of a way to get out of class, which is why  we should not have a nurse here at APB.”                                                                                                                                                Similar to Eva Barba and Ms. Jang, senior Janely Zuniga said, “I feel as if adding a school nurse should not be added because of the cost and space, and, people can use it as an excuse to get out of class.” Continuing, she said, “I mean a nurse can help when someone gets injured from an occasional fight that breaks loose, but again I don’t really think a school nurse is needed.”                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Now on the contrary, some students believe a school nurse can benefit the school. “When a student is bleeding or throwing up, a nurse may be able to take care of that. Yes, the issue of space and money can be an issue, but I believe a solution can be thought of,” said Junior Alfredo Silva. Alfredo is not the only one who feel that a nurse can benefit the school.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sophomore Kimberly Garcia said,“APB does need a nurse. What if something happens, the office doesn’t really know how to take care of us. A nurse can help people, but our school is very limited with the space and the budget. Hopefully, we get to have a nurse soon.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Although, it is clear that nurses do help out and create change in the world, many believe that in our school it won’t be necessary. Others contradict it and believe nurses are necessary tools that we must have around our school in case of emergencies or if a student is simply feeling sick. However, the question still remains in the air, would APB benefit from having a school nurse?

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