My Path to Self-Love


People have asked me, “How are you so confident with your body and looks?” The answer is you just have to learn how to love every part of yourself. This includes your body size, your skin tone, and yourself with or without makeup. To begin with it is not always easy because there’s negativity that could bring your self-esteem down. For example, when you start to compare yourself with another person, you may not feel pretty enough, which leads into disliking yourself.

When accepting who you are the opinions of other will not matter. There is many more steps that can bring out the love you should have for yourself. The step you need to take into accepting yourself will be to listen and respect your inner feelings. Respecting those thoughts will lead you in a path of self-love because you will have better understanding of what goes on in your mind and heart.

I believe self love is so important because it is remembering where our power is.  One thing that should ask yourself in life is, if you don’t love yourself how do you expect to love back? Have you ever wondered why self- love exists? Well it simply it is because if people did not care about themselves, they would’ve already tried to harm themselves.

Unfortunately, our schools didn’t teach us self love, and as humans, it doesn’t happen naturally. It’s not surprising that we don’t necessarily know how to do it. Teachers always try to teach us about subjects such as math, english, spanish, and history, but I’m wondering why they won’t teach kids at a young age how to love themselves.


At APB, I asked students what their definition of self-love is. Janely Ziñiga, a senior said, “Self-Love is respect towards yourself and appreciating who you are.” Every man and woman should have the same opportunities. I say this because me being a woman in a world where men are superior is unfair. This is relatable to self-love since some women feel like they are not as good as men. However, that’s not true because everyone can be what they want to become.

There was an anonymous student who said, “Self-love is an inside job.” In other words,  there are times when you can’t handle everything you go through by yourself and the best way to survive in life is by having a partner by your side that will teach you how to understand the true meaning of self-love.

Overall, my path to self-love has been successful. However, there have been times of where I felt depressed. To feel better, I removed  those negative thoughts by not paying attention to what people thought about me. I also set my mind to think positive about my appearance. When doing that I’ve learned how much important loving yourself for who you are as a person is.



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