APB’s New Softball Team

By: Estefanie Aquino, Emmanuel Tovar

This year has been full of new changes for APB due to the fact that ARC has joined APB and has offered APB students new options of clubs. This year ARC has offered female students the chance of playing softball and many of our APB students signed up for it.

One of our APB seniors Emely Torres is part of the softball team. When we asked her about how difficult practice is for them she said, “Practice is challenging because our coach has very high expectations for us and we are always told to try our best.” In addition to that when we asked her about why she decided to try out for the softball team she said, “I really like baseball and this the closest I can get to playing it.” The last question we asked was how she thinks the team works together, and she said, “I feel like we still need more practice but for now we’re getting the hang of it and relying on each other.”

Another member of the softball team that we interviewed is Katherine Romero which is also the team captain. When we asked her whether she thought practice was easy or hard she said, “Not too easy not too hard.” She believes practice is in the middle. We also asked her whether she felt challenged and she said,” Yes, since I’m pretty good at softball and i’m captain I have to learn multiple positions and it takes time.” Not only does Katherine enjoy softball she also feels like her team supports each other by singing chants whenever they are struggling. Finally, when we asked whether her team is ready to face another team she said, “Somewhat since we don’t really have an actual field to work on and it is hard for us.”

In the end softball has helped the girls learn how to work together as a team and to rely on each other. Softball can be the beginning of an adventure for those girls who like to compete against others. Many of our softball girls have been wanting to join a sport and thanks to ARC they finally had the chance of joining softball and not only are they glad, but they also are having fun during practice. In the end  APB girls are benefiting a lot by learning important lessons in collaborating with each other and  not only would it help them better in school but also in their future whenever they are in the position of working in a group or as a team.

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