Valentines with friends

Valentines with friends


Got a date for Valentines day? If not why not celebrate the day with your friends instead of watching others snaps and ranting how much you hate the holiday? Valentines day isn’t only a day to celebrate with a significant other, it is also a day where you can show your love towards all your friends as well. Here some ideas that you might love to do with your friends on this day.


  1. Movie date

I know what you’re probably thinking, the movies? Sure there’ll probably be lots of couple going to the theaters this day but don’t discouraged by it. After all you are there to spend the time with your friends so you should enjoy it. If you really don’t want to go to the theaters this day, you can just simply go over to their place, play any of their favorite movies, and enjoy 


  1.  Go out to eat

Another idea to do with your friends is to go eat somewhere. Doesn’t need to be anywhere expensive just as long you’re enjoying yourself. Don’t have any money to go out and eat? Cook for your friends at home, Make their favorite meal or cook something together and make the experience fun.


  1. Gift exchange

Just because you don’t have a lover doesn’t mean you can’t give your friends something.You can give your friends some chocolates and even a stuffed animal. Put some names in a hat or something and pick out a name, kinda like secret santa but in this case secret admirer.


However you may like spending this day with your friends, remember to enjoy yourself and if you are having fun you might even forget the fact that your single. Hope these ideas somehow inspire to do something with your friends in the future. Happy Valentines day.

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