By: Axlin Lucio & Kimberly Lua

Spring break is just about to begin and most of the time you would want to lay in bed eating in the couch or gather some of the sleep that you lost due to daylight saving time change. Why not be more productive I’m just kidding why don’t you go on an adventure explore your surroundings. Most of the time there’s really cool stuff around you and you haven’t even noticed it. Going on a adventure doesn’t mean you have to be up-and-down you can go to the park and rest being electronically free. It helps the mind and even may help you clear off some stress. Two weeks of doing nothing for spring break sounds really amazing but a adventure will be more memorable and fun when you do it with your friends.

Here are a couple of places you can visit for free or a small charge.

  • The Long Beach aquarium – $30
  • The L.A Zoo – $20
  • Your Local park for free activides
  • Santa Mónica Pier ~ The beach
  • Walks around your desire mall
  • The ice cream museum Etc
  • Hiking
  • The walk of fame

 Whichever place you decide to visit I’m sure you will have a lot of fun on your adventure. whether you go on your own or with a friend make it as memorable as possible and stay electronically free to connect with your inner self and nature. Enjoy your spring break as much as you can for two weeks can pass really fast.Take  Pictures of every place you visit and you can even go home and make a homemade collage to hang in your room and phrase it THE SPRING BREAK 2018.

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