Advice from Seniors

By: Marilyn Monroe and Bruce Lee


Our school has many faults ranging from the small campus size to the not so appetizing meals. The small campus is especially a nuisance because most kids want to have a “real high school experience.” And to be frank, that is kind of true. The reason for this is because other High Schools are much larger compared to ours. While I could go on and on ranting about this school, that does not pertain to my topic today: surviving high school.


In this school you can stand in place, turn right then left and already have seen the entire thing. So when a rumor sprouts, it travels like a disease and similar to telephone (the game you played in the third grade), rumors distort the truth and tear it apart. It’s difficult to be a victim of rumors and hear what people will make up about you. You might feel that you have changed in people’s eyes or that you will be permanently embarrassed, but the beautiful thing is that people don’t care nearly as much as you think they do. They care for about half a second and then start talking about something else, so why care? Everything —  no matter how big you think it is — will fade. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING fades. Remember that rumors are only ever just rumors. There really is no evidence to them — it’s just mindless gossip. Plus, one fantastic day these four years will be up, and none of these people’s opinions will matter. You won’t ever see them again and only the people you want to stay in contact with will show you who your friends are.

Lunch Food


If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. That’s the gist of it.




When it comes to dating everyone has a different idea. Some people feel that it’s a waste of time because they don’t believe that there is a “one” out there for them, that it “distracts you from more important things like your school work.” Those people are probably single and bitter because they can’t get into relationships, so don’t listen to them. Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing because you get to try new things and explore life with your significant other. This school is a small place though, so if you do decide to date someone, you can’t be shy about your business being put out there. But remember, your main priority should always be school because it’s what will give you that BMW, Mercedes, Lexus or whatever the hell you want.



Friends are what make high school sort of bearable because no one wants to go somewhere they don’t like alone. But with friends, it’s not so bad soo it matters who you choose to be your friends because you’ll be spending your time with them in school. Friends are a valuable part of your high school years and can be the difference between a good high school experience and a terrible one. Nobody wants to be a loner but it does happen so just make sure you’re not it. An easy way to prevent it is to just be nice to people: be open, friendly, develop bonds, don’t start beef and find things in common with people. However, if you do have friends but they don’t make you feel comfortable or are down right assholes, drop them. You don’t need them in your life. Find other friends. There are hundreds of people in school, so just socialize. Friends are important but don’t let them be negative aspects to your life. If they fail and don’t care about school, it doesn’t mean you should adopt their attitude. Be your own person.


Senior Advice

This is senior advice from people who know more about the school, have more wisdom and aren’t as immature as the other grades. Take it or leave it. -Bruce Lee


“Don’t go out with anyone from this school because this school is small and people constantly find things to say about you, also stop trying to be cool and get your shit together your parents didn’t come all this way for you not to take school seriously” – Jackie Mares


“Don’t care about making others happy just focus on yourself” -Wendy Medina


“Keep you personal life to yourself because the school is really really really small” – Moris Gomez


“If you are going to college for the money and the title what would you be if someone were to strip that away from you? Try to impact others instead of being selfish” – Moris Gomez


“Don’t get caught up in stupid shit because everything goes away anyways, don’t stay tripping out you dont know whats gonna happen it won’t be easy” – Linda Donis


“Don’t slack off your senior year because although many colleges accept you for your 10th and 11th grades it still matters” – Jonathan Gonzales


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