The extremes actors have gone through for a role:

The extremes actors have gone through for a role:


When acting for a role, many actors have to mentally and physically prepare themselves for it. It isn’t as easy into slipping into a different pair of shoes. Recently, there has been many actors going through intense body transformations, all for a role and doing blank things on scenes.



Jared Leto:

When filming the movie sequel for Blade Runner Jared Leto completely blinded himself. When ever he walked on set, the people that were working with him claimed that he looked like Jesus Christ himself walking onset.

Jared also played Joker for the movie Suicide Squad and got the role by sending his co-workers weird presents. He sent Harley Quinn a rat inside a box and the rest of the cast received used condoms and anal beads. He did this to get more into character and get into the right mindset.



Heath Ledger:

The story of Heath Ledger is one of the most intense ones when it comes to actors going through great lengths fora role. Ledger was given the role of the Joker for The Dark Knight in 2008’s. He was reluctant to take the role at first but later decided that he would do it. To mentally prepare himself to become the insane character who was the joker, he locked himself away in a room for a month exploring the role and had a little book which truly helped him get into the role of becoming a psychopath. He would practice different voices and post pictures and collages among other things to really get into the character’s head. Six months before the movie came out on January 22, 2008 he was found dead in his Manhatten loft. During the role of the Joker, Heath only allowed himself to get two or three hours of sleep of a day and when he finished the role he had troubling sleeping again regularly to he began taking pills and this is what was found in his room with him when he died.


Daniel Day-Lewis:

When working on the set of My Left Foot, Lewis spent almost of the filming in a wheelchair and spent his own time going to places in wheelchairs and figuring out the role. He was in the wheelchair for so long even after he finished his role he broke two of his ribs from assuming a hunched over position.


Hilary Swank: Hilary Swank is an amazing actor who won 2 oscars in the span of 5 years and one of those was for the movie Million Dollar Baby. In this movie, she portrays a boxer who rises to the top in a masculine arena and battles for her family. During the filming of this movie, she would box two hours a day and workout 6 days a week which resulted in a ripped body. She gained 19 pounds of muscle due to her extreme routine. One portion of the routine was pushing an SUV in neutral gear across the parking lot in order to strengthen her legs.


Charlize Theron: Charlize is an actor who had to go through a lot of food to get her role in the movie Tully as a mother of three kids who suffered through stressing times. The way she achieved this goal was by eating Mac and Cheese at 2 am in the night until she had gained 50 pounds. She claimed that it was fun in the beginning but later on changed her mind when she realized just how burdening it was to maintain that weight.

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