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Written by: Angel Reyes, Melanie Vital, and Mac Manrique

Welcome back love birds, to our second year of Love Doctor. Its spooky season and feelings can be scary to some but we are here to help you in this scary situation you may be in. In this edition, we will ask APB students, questions, and also answer some questions. These are questions that you may have so stay tuned to learn from the Love Doctors.

Does “the one” exist? – Angel R

“There are certain groups you are more compatible with, but in any given situation, you can end up with a variety of people who may look similar or have certain characteristics and personality that are similar. I think that you really begin as like a romantic or romanticized version of love but many times it’s who you can get along with and who has similar goals and identities as you and is willing to go through it all with you… I’m not saying there is no love but there’s also isn’t that one in a lifetime, if you fall in love once and you breakup, is that it? No, you can fall in love multiple times.” – 11th Grade Teacher


Can you be friends with an ex? – Love Doctors

“Well, after a breakup most likely both people are bummed out depending on how it ended especially if that person meant the world to you. Not always though, some tend keep in contact with their ex. So, yes, you can be friends with your ex if you do not like them anymore because if you still have some sort of feelings towards them it can be quite awkward. Also, there remains a handful of memories and a connection between both you and your ex that you can not just let go.” – Anonymous Junior


“How do you know if you’re in a healthy relationship?” – Anonymous Senior

As soon as you walk yourself into a relationship your goal is to be happy with your significant other and grow an amazing bond. We know that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but there is a such thing as a healthy one. You know you’re in a healthy relationship when you feel good about being your true self around bae, when there is absolutely no need to change your identity when they are around. A healthy relationship requires having trust in each other, and respecting each others morals. If there is no trust, there is no love. Inspiring each other to grow as a better individual is very important too. Most of all caring, loving, and supporting your significant other through the up’s and the down’s reveals a healthy relationship. – answered by the Love Doctors


“Is cheating a deal breaker?” – Anonymous Senior

Once a person cheats it destroys mostly everything in a relationship it hurts the other person and causes a new set of problems. Once the person cheated the only thing to talk about is if they are staying together or breaking up. It’s better to break up with them once and for all. They broke the trust that was in the relationship, staying with them would only put you in an uncomfortable situation. The other partner would think they can get away with what they did and do it again since they have not learned their lesson. You will not trust them at all and constant worry about what they are doing and where they are which will only just add to the stress. Staying with them will only lead to you being in a unhealthy relationship and cause more emotional pain.  – Love Doctors


“Do you believe love can change you?” – Anonymous Senior

Love can change a person that’s something more than true, but it can change you in a good way or in a bad way. Love can make you a more caring and loving person it can help keep you in a good mood. Love can also change in a bad way it can overwhelm you and change your attitude completely. Being in a relationship is a lot of work and it can change your priorities. Relationships can cause someone to stop worrying about their grades and more on their relationship. Relationships can also impact the people around you say you fight with your significant other, you will not be yourself and and maybe be rude to others. Overall love can change you in a good and/or bad way it all depends on how you treat your relationship. – Love Doctors

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