Wheelchair Conspiracy

Lately in the APB community there has been a use of wheelchairs. In some cases students have been taking advantage of wheelchairs and faking their injuries. It’s been  affecting those who are disabled, hallway trafficking, and others around. APB staffs have been losing trust in the students which brings up the question if their lying.

According to the instructional aide Mr. Granados, he states “the students have definitely not all students have been faking the use of wheelchairs but I’ve noticed some students limping around and actually being injured.”


Mr. Granados also states, “students have been using the wheelchairs to play around during lunch which affects those who actually need it”  


Leads to staff losing trust in students which have been making the students confirm with the office before going to room 30.

Due to the use of wheelchairs it has helped our school figure out who actually needs them. Physical education teacher Mr. Cieply stated, “ i know that some leave a couple of minutes early to avoid the traffic in the halls but if they are not doing that then it is causing traffic in our tiny hallways”

Our students really faking their injuries? If so, why? What is the purpose?

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