How does APB celebrate Dia de los Muertos?

The Day of the dead is a celebration in remembrance of those who have passed. People who celebrate it like to believe that the spirits of their loved ones come back. People who celebrate this day put up an altar with a picture of their deceased loved ones. They decorate it with items and food they liked. Students and staff here in APB celebrate it in different ways, some more than others.


One staff member who celebrates Dia de los Muertos is CSO Mr.Gonzalez. He watches movies with his families and talk about the loved ones they have lost. He also stated that he likes to celebrate this because it brings the family together. He said they did not set up an altar but will next year.


Another staff member is eleventh grade History teacher, Miguel Sandoval. He said that he tries to go every year to Placita Olvera. The reason he celebrates it is because he has three people that have passed to remember. He mentioned that the way he celebrates it, is by getting together with his family and just talking about their deceased loved ones. Sandoval also said that in his mom’s case she does not put an altar to honor them, but she does place images on the Virgin Mary she has with flowers.


Lastly, junior Abraham Gutierrez mentions that he celebrates this day through a party. He said that in this party his family puts out an altar with treats and many other things. Abraham mentioned that his favorite thing about this is the food. Although he celebrates it, he does not find himself believing that the spirits of the deceased ones come back. He said “it sounds too good to be true, like it sounds nice but too much of a fantasy”.


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