Tagging On The Rise

As many of you have probably already noticed, there has been a lot of tagging lately all over the stalls in both the girl and boy’s restrooms, walls, and along with the lunch tables all over APB.

Why do they do it? How often does this happen? Well it seems to happen very often according to Martha, the school’s janitor, and students here at APB. “ yeah it happens very often” (translated from spanish)

You may be thinking to yourself what does this have to do with you? Well let me just inform you that it has a lot to do with you just as much as it has to do with me. We are an APB family which means that we have to bare with one another about certain situations that go on around APB. Have you noticed the multiple tagging incidents in the girls as well as in  the boys restroom? You might be wondering who is capable of such a thing. Well I wonder about that myself who would be that out of there mind to be able to do that?



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