Life After High School

By Shirley Zavala and Jose Mendoza

“I’m looking forward to college and dorming” says APB senior Pedro Barreras. “Not trying to do high school anymore”

As the end of the school year approaches, seniors are applying to college, and are preparing to become more independent. But not all seniors are sure of what they will do after high school. Will they enter the workforce, or will they go to college? If they are going to college, will they go to a four-year college, or opt for a community college? These are all important questions that each individual person needs to consider.  

These are crucial times where students take the step forward to adulthood and many students already had plans or either have ideas of where they want to go. Despite how nervous students are about heading to college many have chosen to take the route to college and know exactly what they want to do. Students like Londy Hernandez, Pedro Barreras, and Alexis Muñoz know exactly what they want to do and had opinions whether college is the correct path for everyone.

When asked if they think college is the definite route for a path to success. Londy Hernandez said, “college is not for everyone it depends on the career someone wants to take, like I want to go into government and it is dumb if I don’t take the opportunity to go.”

Pedro Barreras said, “I don’t think everyone needs college to be successful but to be safe, the path for success it is college.” Pedro is certain he wants to go to college and said he wants to be a physician or dermatologist.

Similarly, Alexis Munoz believes, “There’s a lot of competitiveness out there and I’m guessing they are going to want people with the highest level of education”, he thinks college offers you more job opportunities. He wants to serve the country and then go back to college right after.

Picture of Animo Pat Brown School Front

College seems like just the natural progression after high school. “Since i’m good at school, i’ll just continue school, cause i don’t know if i’m good at anything else” Says Melanie Alarcon. When asked if she felt prepared for college she responded, “Some parts yeah, but I feel it’s still going to be really hard”

“If I take a break and I see that I am making money… I will lose motivation to go to college,” says Senior Esmeralda Hernandez.

This uncertainty of going to college is not a bad thing. In fact, not everyone knows what they want after high school. Senior Jessy Alvarado says “I’m thinking about going to a community college and getting my degree” but later adds, “Maybe I’ll work for a bit and transfer later.”

This sentiment is echoed by many in APB’s Senior class of 2019. The time of being coddled and being guided my our teachers and our parents is coming to an end. For many that is a scary thing, but for others, that is a challenge they are willing to accept. After all, more freedom to do what you want isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Whatever our seniors choose to do with their lives after high school, we wish them the best of luck with it. 

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