Trust Issues in a relationship

by Jennifer Romo & Samantha Velez
There’s many couples here at APB who seem to be happy and enjoy the relationship. But when it comes to trusting one another their are some issues that they face. Such as checking each other’s phone constantly, arguing, checking their social media often, and ends up breaking up due to these problems.

There’s many couples in APB who have different perspectives on trust in a relationship. Sophomore Paloma Ramirez explains how trust is a major component for a relationship to work out. “It is important to have trust in a relationship because if there isn’t then you’ll know that in the relationship you’re in, isn’t healthy because most likely there will be problems in the relationship.” She believes if there is no trust then there is no relationship.

Junior Valentine Castillo believes that trust is the most important in a relationship because then there’s nothing left in the relationship. “If there’s no trust then theres no communication and if there’s no communication then theres no relationship” He believes that social media could be a problem when it comes to trusting your significant other because we never know who they are “talking” to.

Almost everyone in APB believes that trust is very important in a relationship because it causes problems and makes one or both insecure. Which causes for couples to break up and start talking about one another and spreading rumors about each behind their others back.  It just depends on how the relationship work.

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