How Did APB Spend Their Winter Break?

The two week Winter Break was a chance for students to relax and spend time with their families and catch up on sleep but the holidays are now over and with the end of holidays comes the end of Winter Break as well as the start of a new semester at APB. At APB, many students and staff shared with us the things they did over their break, from the good to the bad.

11th grade student, Mirna Alcala mentioned that the best part of her break was visiting her mom in Mexico. Being with her made her feel super good, so coming back to LA was the worst part of it. Another student was Christopher Reyna. He mentioned that over his break he did not do much but stay home or go out with his girlfriend. Similar to student Sarahi Ramos, she mentioned, “the best part about my break was that I got to lay in bed all day watching movies without having to stress about having to do school work” meaning she was stress free and had time to relax over her break. She also mentioned the worst part which was knowing that she had to go back to school. English teacher Madeline Edelman also shared with us the things she did over her two week break. She said that she had time to cook and spent time with her family but mostly with her daughter. Although she had a good time with her family and daughter, she did point out that she regrets not having planned out anything like getting things done or going on to a trip.

Unlike the previous students and staff, others had things to get done over the break. When interviewing Martha, school campus custodian, we expected to get exciting news, but Martha was not as excited as we thought she would be. She mentioned that throughout her whole break she spent it working on campus, cleaning and getting anything she could done. She also said she wished she had more days off of work to rest and spend it with her family. Lastly, student Juan Romero also spent most of his break working with his dad welding metal.

Overall, Winter Break was different for students and staff in many ways some students just spent all day at home relaxing while others worked. All students believed that this two week break was well deserved and needed.

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