California/Los Angeles Air Pollution

According to AirNow, the air quality (using the air quality index scale) in California as a whole is mostly average (Yellow zoned, air quality 51 to 100) and is considered the moderate range of acceptable air quality in California as a whole. The air quality in Los Angeles is ozoned (Orange zoned, air quality 101 to 150) and is considered potentially unhealthy for some sensitive groups such as those who suffer from a milder form of asthma. According the the American Lung Association, the health risks from an ozone include: Harm to developmental and reproductive systems, induce asthma attacks, lung cancer, shortness of breath and even premature death. Ozone is currently the United States’ least well controlled form of air pollution and is considered one of the most dangerous. Ozone (also referred to as O3) develops in the atmosphere from gases that come from exhaust pipes. This gas reacts with nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons to create O3. Even low levels of ozone is dangerous. According to the American Lung Association, ozone at lower levels was largely associated with deaths from cardiovascular disease, strokes, and respiratory causes meaning that breathing other pollutants in the air may make your lungs more responsive to ozone and vice versa. In order to decrease air pollution in Los Angeles (or California as a whole), we must use conservative energy, carpool often and exhale less often and maybe (just maybe) it would reduce the ozone in Los Angeles.

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