Batfleck No More!

by Dulce Rivera

One of the most highly known DC universe characters that we all know and love will no longer be portrayed by Ben Affleck in the upcoming film “The Batman,” coming out in the year 2021. The reasons behind Affleck’s decision has to do with the fact that he faced much criticism for how poorly the movie Batman v. Superman and Justice League was received in the box office.

Affleck also mentioned how he has been wanting to stop playing the role for a while now. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, Affleck addressed his farewell for the role as Batman stating, “I tried to direct a version of Batman, I worked with a really good screenwriter, but kinda just couldn’t come up with a version. Couldn’t crack it. I thought it was time for someone else to take a shot at it. And they’ve got some really good people. The director Matt Reeves is looking for a more younger version of Batman since the film will portray the character Bruce Wayne when he first became a superhero.

There are, of course, many actors who do seem to have the qualities and characteristics of the Batman. The first actor that can be seen as Batman is David Mazouz. For those who do not recognize or know this young actor, Mazouz had made his appearance as young Bruce Wayne in the show “Gotham.” It would be very interesting if his performance as the character went from a television show to a full screen movie. The next actor in line is Armie Hammer, who had apparently took the role as Batman in 2007 for the movie “Justice League: Mortal.” Hammer has the characteristics of being charming, sensibility, and sharpness which would go perfectly well for the role of Bruce Wayne.

The next actor is Ben Barnes, who can act more as a suave, elegant, and well-mannered version of Bruce Wayne. Barnes can also portray the character as a more vengeful and cutthroat maniac to represent Batman. Another actor in this long line is Jake Gyllenhaal, who apparently wanted to take the role as Batman for the director Christopher Nolan, but the role was handed to Christian Bale. However, the only issue about this is that Jake is playing as the villain Mysterio in Marvel movie, Spiderman: Far From Home.

Of course there are many more actors to choose, but these are just the few that people believe should play as Batman. Director Matt Reeves still has time to make his final decision for the role. So for any Batfleck fans out there, you can say your goodbyes to Ben Affleck as Batman and welcome the future actor who will take up the challenging role of the Batman.

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