Samsung is creating a robot

By: Lindsey Rodriguez and Elmer Garcia

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Technology has been reaching new places rapidly, we are expanding our knowledge at the fastest rate ever. A new addition to this group of technological advancements is the “Samsung Bot Care”. This robot is expanding the field of healthcare, it was designed to take care of the elderly, it comes with features such as; moving around the house, carefully observing people, checks blood pressure, and heart rate.

But with all the advancements where do we cross the line between advancement and invasion of privacy. It has been speculated that the government and major companies have been spying on the major population. Could this robot be a new way to keep the population in check? This robot has the ability to keep your personal information and monitor your behavior. If a third party where to get a hold of this information your lifestyle would be compromised. And it may be easier than you may think because this robot comes with a feature that lets family members keep up with the elderly. If this is true then what is to stop people from spying on them.

“Should the Bot Care notice an emergency, it can call on local emergency services too” (Techradar).

“Taking voice commands and returning information to a user with a voice of its own, the Bot Care can offer exercise and stretching guidance, track medication intake and monitor a user’s sleep too” (Techradar).

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It is made to keep the elderly company and keeps their family attached without physically being there, which is sad because the family would use it to not actually visit their parents.

“Bot Care also offers exercise suggestions and will allow family members to monitor the loved one they dumped in a home/ abandoned in some other way without having to actually physically visit them”(Metro uk news).

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