Are 12th graders upset that they won’t be here for the new school?

Next year around the time of second semester the APB students will move over to a new building, next door to the current one. The seniors of the next school year will be in that building for second semester while this years seniors will not be able experience the new school. The current APB building will be a middle school. Student and teachers from APB will have to adapt to the new school. The school will definitely be bigger and that is what most of the students are looking for. It will have a much bigger field and more space which is something most students are looking forward to. The current seniors will not be able to be in the new school so are they are upset about this?

When interviewing senior Benjamin Lopez, he stated “I would’ve done more sports since the field is going to be bigger”. He is upset since he will not experience the new field and school, as if someone would be missing out on a big event happening.  Londy Hernandez a senior stated “I feel jealous since I won’t be able to experience the new school”. She doesn’t like the fact that she will not be able to see it but at the same time wants to leave already. Londy also expressed that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea that the current APB building will be a Middle School since she feels they would “they will disrespect the current building and will be weird to see other students take over”

We then went onto asking a junior Ernesto Cardona about the new school. “It’s pretty cool how were going to be in  a new school”. In which we can agree everyone is feeling about the new school. When asked how he feels about the current seniors and he stated, “I feel bad for them since they won’t be able to experience it”. Honestly who wouldn’t since they will miss such a big event in APB history.  

English teacher Ms. Edelman, says that she hates moving because its a pain in the butt , “excited that the middle school students will come and join and it’s a big project”. She will sure miss her class and the building since she really likes it. But overall, she hopes that her new room will be big enough.

The new school will be finished around the second semester of next year. Everyone has mixed feelings about it but students will eventually adapt to the difference of scenery It might take a while for students and teachers to get used the new environment but overall the environment of APB will still be great no matter where its at .

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