Samsung Galaxy S vs. Iphone

By: Lindsey Rodriguez and Elmer Garcia

Edited by: Jamie Reyes

When it comes to buying one of the best smartphones, the choice can be the hardest: iPhone or Android. One of the most prominent of debates that has going on for the last ten years.

Samsung has been releasing new phones that are somewhat similar to iPhones. For example they do not have a home button and they provide you with wireless earphones when purchasing a phone. But the new Samsung phone has kept the headphone jack which is a good thing because you do not have to decide whether to listen to music or charge your phone because you can do both at the same time.

Image result for samsung galaxy s 10

The Samsung Galaxy S also now has a professional camera with six cameras that take six pictures at once and combines it to become one.

“Samsung says that this RGB camera helps capture better depth data and should make AR effects and filters look more realistic when taking selfies or recording front-facing video.” (The Verge)

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With Apple pay and face ID, it is super easy to get transactions done. Using this method can really improve the security of your personal information. Samsung has a feature similar to this but isn’t nearly as proficient as Apple’s.

It all depends on what you are willing to give up for certain features. No phone is clearly the best. It’s all about what you prefer. Which one is best is up to you.

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