Netflix Original: Siempre Bruja


Siempre Bruja

By: Kimberly Rivera

Siempre Bruja is a Netflix original based on the novel Yo, bruja by Isidora Chacon which follows a time traveling Afro-Latina. The romance story follows a 19 year old time-traveling slave who lives in 17th century Columbia and travels into the present to save her loved one after she was meant to be burned at the stake for “enchanting” him into falling in love with her. The old time witch must overcome modern obstacles of having to fit in and witch hunters who are trying to have her fail at her mission.

Although the story was created in honor of black history month, it completely lacks the true depictions of what it was like to be a slave in 17th century slave in Colombia, however anyone who is trying to find a story that has a strong, black lead, female actress I recommend it. The series is in its original audio of Spanish, which sounds better (in my opinion), it can also be switched.  

Therefore I recommend this series to anyone who wants to watch a strong black female lead actress become into the character she was meant to be.