How does APB celebrate Easter

By: Melanie Vital and Mac Manrique


“”We don’t do it because of the candy, we do it because of God”, junior Sarahi Ramos mentions the reason to why her family and her celebrate Easter. Easter is a festival and holiday that is celebrated in remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Most students and staff in APB all celebrate this holiday differently. Not many celebrate the day for religious reasons.


As mentioned student Sarahi Ramos celebrates it because of God, She mentioned that her family and her go to church early in the morning and later go eat. She mainly celebrates it as a way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Many others do not celebrate easter mainly for the religious aspect of the day. Junior Abraham Gutierrez says he celebrates it as a day to just spend time with the family and eat candy, “I was not really raised in a religious way so we do not really see easter as something religious”.  


APB CSO Mr. Gonzalez also celebrates Easter, “ I got to the park with my kids and family and then go eat with them”. He says it’s been a tradition he does every year with his family. Junior Carlos Barron also celebrates the day with his family. He said it’s a fun day that the kids like because they get all this candy.


APB celebrates Easter mainly as a way to spend time with their family and a way to bond together while others use the day to remember the story of Jesus Christ and his resurrection. APB celebrates Easter in many ways but they all celebrate it in some way. It has become more of a trend for Holy holidays like Easter and Christmas to be celebrated for the fun aspect of the day. These holidays are no longer seen in their religious view but more of another reason to have a party

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