Saints Row 2 Review

Saints Row 2 is an open world, action-adventure sandbox game that revolves around street gangs. The objective of the game is to gain territorial control of the fictional city of Stillwater (the setting the game takes place in). The game was developed by Volition Inc and released on October 14, 2008. Development of the game started in 2005 (a year before the first title Saints Row was released). Despite being an old game, you can still pick up the game and find some enjoyment in it.

Saints Row 2 picks up right after the previous installment with your custom character waking up in a prison from a coma caused by an explosion on a yacht that presumably “killed” you in the previous game. You break out of the prison and roam into the open world. Since the story carries on from the previous game, I will not be covering the story as I have not completed the first game. SR2’s gameplay is unlike other open-world titles like Grand Theft Auto, SR2 uses territorial control mechanics. The more missions you complete, the more control your gang has in rival gang areas. Missions range from eliminating certain NPCs to destroying vehicles. The game has some repetitive objectives but it is still fun nonetheless. Once enough missions are completed, you will be able to wipe out 1 of the 3 gangs in the game. After all gangs are eliminated, you go up against the final group in an epilogue.

The gameplay is similar to the previous game. In freeroam you have access to many different activities you can do for cash and respect (an in-game meter that once filled up, can allow you to do a mission). Activities include: Trailblazing- Causing mayhem while wearing a fire suit set ablazed and riding an ATV. Mayhem- Go on a homicidal rampage causing enough damage to person and property to earn money. Septic Avenger- Spray sewage over city property to cause enough damage. FIght Club- The name implies everything. Demolition Derby- Destroy other vehicles in the derby. Crowd Control- Protect a VIP at an event from their obsessed fans. Land/sea/air races and more. Aside from the activities, the open-world was very impressive for it’s time. NPC pedestrians interacted with each other and the environment and sometimes random events would occur such as walking into a store only to find it being robbed, walking near tall buildings and witnessing an NPC commit suicide and much more.

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