Easter terrorist attack in Sri Lanka


By: Lindsey Rodriguez and Elmer Garcia

Edited by: Lily Rodriguez

On Sunday, April 21, 290 people were killed and hundreds were left injured during a series of bombings all across Sri Lanka, there were six  suicide bombers. As many went to church on Easter one of the most sacred days for Christians no one could have imagined the horrors that awaited later on.

“The explosions targeted Christians at Easter Sunday church services in Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa, and tourists staying in luxury hotels in the capital.” (theguardian).

Around 8:45 the city was hit with the first wave of bombings. The bombings took place at Catholic church, St Anthony’s Shrine, and the Shangri-La and Kingsbury hotels. Five minutes later another hotel, the Cinnamon Grand, was also hit. It is unclear which place was hit the worst.However, it is thought that at least 160 people were injured in the congregation of St Anthony’s Shrine.

At this point the city was on high alert, the fire department was helping the injured and the hospitals were filling up when the situation went from bad to worse when a second wave of bombs went off. At 1:45pm there was another explosion in the suburb of Dehiwala, at a guesthouse close to the national zoo. At 2:15pm a further blast occurred in a housing scheme in Dematagoda. These last two bombs appear to have been carried out by the attackers as they fled from police.

Due to this tragic incident, the government of Sri Lanka has announced that the citizens are banned from wearing face veils and has also banned citizens from using social media under an emergency law because it would make it easier to search for those involved with the bombing.

It is devastating that this is how a period of peace ends for this country. This was 10 years  of peace they lived happy and without fear there was no reason for despair until these events took place.