AP Testing at APB

By: Melanie Vital and Mac Manrique

In APB May 6- May 15 consisted of both juniors and seniors taking their AP tests. We know that with testing a lot of commotion occurs. For example, students running around the halls trying to find where their class has been placed for the day, teachers giving up their class for other teachers to use them, and just stress on students and staff. A couple of students that took AP tests here at APB shared their words towards how it went.


“You know we made it this far”, junior Sarahi Ramos mentioned that her experience during AP testing was pretty stressing but relieving at the same time because students made it to concluding the courses.


Like Sarahi, another junior was also proud to have finished her AP courses. For her it was more stressful because she had a total of 3 AP tests to take, but after all she said it was a great feeling to finally be over all that.


As mentioned, stress was not just put on students but teachers too. Teachers had to get displaced from their classes. Some were just a day and others where the whole time AP testing was held. It was stressful for them because they would move from classroom to classroom and had several missing students.


ELA 11 sub Mr. Brustin shared that maybe it would be way better if APB provided a dedicated room for just AP testing instead of occupying other teachers classes and asking them to move around from class to class.


Overall, teachers were proud of their students for having done what they could have and finishing their AP tests strong. And although it was quite stressing for them they were proud of themselves for getting that far.

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