How do sophomores feel about becoming juniors?

by: jennifer romo, david lopez, samantha velez


With the school year coming to a close end soon there will be a new generation of Juniors.  It could be nerve racking going into a new year of high school. The sophomores have most likely heard that the third year of high school is the hardest out of all of the four. Which could have caused some fear and paranoia in them since many upcoming juniors are taking AP classes.  

Current sophomores feels like they would not have a problem with the AP classes. They believe there is many benefits to taking AP classes, such as, getting college credit. They also feel like the classes would be easy. Sophomore stated, “I think AP classes will be really easy but I got accepted for a reason. I just think the homework and the pressure to do good on the exams can be difficult”. They can cause a lot of stress throughout the semester, but they are ready for the challenge.

All AP juniors hope for the best for the upcoming students who will be joining any AP class. Junior, Lizeth Martinez, would like to share  a bit of advice, “Study when it is necessary and for AP lang just study for all your rhetorical devices”. They would also like to say it is not necessary to stay up all night studying, it is better just to get a good night rest.

AP classes are as we all know are a lot of work to get through and get a good grade but its beneficial if you plan to go to college since it will cover some of the college credits. These classes help you improve your knowledge because you go more into depth about the subject.

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