Get the Record Straight Episode 2 — Our Perspective: The Transition from High School to College

In the second episode of Get the Record Straight, our hosts Ivan Arzate, Miguel Diaz, Nefer Garcia, Luis Herrera and Manuel Perez talk about what it’s like to be a senior who is about to transition into high school, sharing some of their fears, as well as some of the things they are looking forward to. Our host Manuel shares some data and statistics that show how these fears are realities that all seniors face, showing us that seniors are not alone in this huge milestone of their lives. Finally, they take some of the questions you, the audience, had about this scary but real transition and took to some experts to answer these questions for you – and frankly, for them as well. Special guests include Animo Pat Brown’s very own Ms. Magdaleno, Ms. Cruz, Ms. Santizo, and Mr. Navarez!

Click here to listen to this podcast!

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