Gabriel Iglesias and his fluffy personality

Comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias


By Francisco Serrano

Gabriel Iglesias truly cares about his fans, and this is made very clear during his show when he talks about his fans. You can hear the sincerity and gratitude from his voice. This is perfectly demonstrated during his specials when he mentions jokes of the place where the show was taking place, and they may range from mentioning a small restaurant he visited to something like a tradition in the area.

His lighthearted comedy specials such as my favorite Aloha Fluffy take you through an easy-to-picture story that perfectly encapsulates what true comedy is about. He does this by turning his day to day experiences into a comedic journey.

He also incorporates a big portion of his Hispanic culture in his shows that vary from once in a while speaking Spanish to referencing traditions that many Hispanics have experienced. He isn’t afraid to use stereotypes and use what normally offends others to instead entertain them. He does this by blowing some of his jokes way out of proportion to the point where it can’t even be taken seriously.

Gabriel’s comedy is unlike other comedians, such as let’s say Kevin Hart who use the same kind of jokes over and over about their physical appearance. Although Gabriel does make jokes about his physical appearance, it isn’t something he relies on during his specials. Gabriel instead focuses on adapting to how his audience is reacting and will incorporate what he sees them enjoy into later jokes.

For example, throughout most of his specials he always incorporates things like cars or foods because it allows him to throw in an assortment of noises to accompany the jokes while staying in character.

The first time I ever saw him was while I was browsing YouTube and found a clip of him talking about a Cafecito. I remember laughing at how expressive he was and how much he seemed to be enjoying what he was doing.

After watching his specials, I would undoubtedly give him a 10/10 because before I knew it, I was binge watching his specials. His personality made it seem like time flew by.


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