Russia vs Ukraine


On January 10, 2023, the updates for the Russian vs Ukraine war were revealed to the world, showing the damage that has been caused to Ukraine’s people and their homes. With articles and news circling around this topic and how both countries are dealing with what they have now, what their next steps will be and how they will fix what’s being destroyed and the next measures that they are taking to ensure the safety of their people and their countries.

A significant and widely publicized event is the war between Russia and Ukraine. However, the major events began when Vladimir Putin, thinking he could sweep into the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv in a couple of days and overthrow the government, ordered up to two hundred thousand soldiers into the country on February 24. The so-called Russia vs. Ukraine war started at that time, but it was kept on a low profile.

People have seen the terrible conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and many of us have just stood by and watched as others have attempted to defuse the situation and restore peace. Even while it may appear that not much has been accomplished given that the battle between these two nations is still continuing, consider this infographic: Who gives Ukraine the most assistance? (Is something missing here?)declares “In total, the US has given Kyiv about Forty Seven billion euros (Fifty billion) in military, financial, and humanitarian aid, with almost half coming in the form of military assistance. In contrast, EU institutions like the European Investment Bank, the EU Commission and Council, and the European Peace Facility have given 35 billion euros ($36.8 billion) in aid. In aid to Ukraine, mostly in the form of financial help. The UK was the third-highest contributor of aid to Ukraine with Seven billion euros ($7.5bn) pledged.” Even today much damage has been done to Ukraine even with all the support they have received. Sadly, in the end, quite a bit of damage would have to be repaired.

Even though so much has occurred during these past few years, today the people of Ukraine seem to be doing a lot better than prior to the beginning of the terrors. There is still long-lasting damage due to this war and it comes to mind just how well the people of Ukraine actually are, especially in mental health. Many people from Ukraine had to flee their homes and had to leave people behind to ensure their own safety. Considering both sides of the war both deal with their own problems, both deal with how their home country deals with the war. The article “Russian soldier jailed for refusing to join Ukraine war” explains how “A Russian court sentenced a 24-year-old professional soldier to five years in prison for refusing to fight in Ukraine, officials have said. The soldier, “not wanting to take part in a special military operation”, did not report for duty in May 2022, said the press service on Thursday for courts in the region of Bashkortostan in the southern Urals.” The war is affecting people by having them forced into this war despite not wanting to be involved. The war has already done some damage to Ukraine’s people and their environment and Russia isn’t making this war any easier for their own people.

This war started quite a while back and the ending is hoped to be soon since destruction has already been far done to both sides. Even so, it’s a surprise to people to hear that the war is still going on and how much time it’s been since they first heard of this war. So, of course, people would question how the war is today, how long till the end and of course, who’s winning? While both sides have taken quite the damage and ended up carrying more problems for their people, the article “Ukraine in maps: Tracking the war with Russia”explains how their situation is now as the article explains “Here are the latest developments: The city of Kherson has been liberated by Ukrainian troops. The loss of the city is a major setback for Russia. Ukraine’s latest advance comes after weeks of attacks on Russian-controlled bridges and other positions around Kherson. Elsewhere in Ukraine, fighting continues in Donetsk as Russian forces attempt to advance towards Bakhmut.” Though the victory isn’t clear the one who’s leading up to it is and Ukraine is in the lead giving Russia something to worry about now. When it comes to what both sides are doing differently that differs since Russia isn’t doing such a good job many articles and sources reveal how at this point Russia is throwing anyone into this battle even people without any battle experience. While Ukraine is hitting those attacks making some parts of Russia’s battleground irreparable. With today’s updates, we see how both sides are doing and how the war may possibly end.

The people have seen this battle and many have no say in the matter, others have ideas and others feel empathy for one side or another. While many of us take sides and worry for the people involved, others aren’t. Even an anonymous APB student was asked “Have you been catching up with the war ? What have you heard?” to this the student explains “I haven’t really been keeping up. But I know that it’s still continuing. Because of social media ” it’s clear to see that people only know the basics of the Ukraine war and aren’t well aware of how it is today and while some are we have social media to thank for that. another APB student was asked “What was your first initial reaction to the war when you first heard of it?” They stated, “Why is Russia attacking Ukraine? What’s the reason for (the loss of) hundreds of innocent lives?”The war took some negative backlash. People were confused about the matter and many wanted this event never to happen again.

Now the adults as much people would expect for them to be more knowledgeable with what’s going on around the world as APB English teacher Ms.Wakita explains “I catch up when I can, but honestly, I will fully admit that I am not the best at staying the most up-to-date when it comes to following this particular war. I definitely was more invested/knowledgeable last year because I felt like, in my experience at least, it came up more in daily conversations. My friends and I would constantly talk about how the war affected the US and more specifically how gas prices were rising to astronomical rates that we had never seen before. I typically get my updates on the news on my phone through the Apple News app and other social media apps (Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok). The updates I’ve heard are more from my own personal Google searches rather than the news updates that I consume online; from what I have seen from these quick look-ups is that the war will take a lot of time and concessions/compromises from Russia because of their immense power and money, especially in comparison to Ukraine.” This tends to show how not many people even adults catch up with this war but hear it occasionally at times but it tends to shows that their main source is social media and how even those beyond us have lost interest or no longer see this even with much updates or chaos that was going on.

The war had both negative and positive outlooks but more on the positive side when it was first taken notice of. When the threats were given people had mixed opinions and some people didn’t know of this information as the people were trying to keep it on the low the many articles circle this matter as many were trying to prevent such actions from happening. But alas when the news was out hell broke out Ukraine took in the threats and finally action was being taken from both sides. The people’s response was to try and hide and stay safe during these events. The people fled, the people tried to spread awareness and tried to get help from others from the media. Second, everything was known. People had opinions, people took sides, people defended their countries, people defended their opinions, people spoke their truth, people spoke about what was wrong with this war, people spoke about how this has been affecting them.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has progressed a lot and disrupted the lives of many people. And many of us observers will continue to watch and many more will do nothing until the battle is ultimately over.