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The student news site of Animo Pat Brown Charter High School

The student news site of Animo Pat Brown Charter High School

Gryphon Gazette

The student news site of Animo Pat Brown Charter High School

Gryphon Gazette

Super seniors Tania Flores and Angel Iribe walking down the halls of Animo pat brown

Senior Year: The Sequel

Itzel Valdez, Hilda Soto, Omar Venegas, and Catherine Valle October 31, 2011

The loss of focus on the importance of classes lead several members of the class of 2011 to stay behind and instead graduate with the class of 2012, secondyear seniors said. Many of these second year...

Now that the buses are no longer available, students are finding another way to go home, with the supervision of the assistant principle Kuoching Ngu.

APB eliminates school busses

Blanca Romero and Noel Nevarez October 31, 2011

The buses of Animo Pat Brown have been cut for the new school year. About 5 to 6 students left APB due to the elimination of the buses. The students currently attending APB live closer to the school, therefore;...

Principal Joshua Hartford talks to students during a school assembly.

New year brings new detention, tardy, uniform rules

New uniform, tardy, and detention policy has stirred up a lot of different view points among the school; some people see it as a progress for the school while others are just fed up.   “Teens...

Freshmen Paula Chavez working in Catherine Perezs reading class.

New freshmen, new experiences, new environment

Mario Salazar, Daisy Mota, Cynthia Rodas, and Yesenia Reyes October 31, 2011

Class of 2015 has arrived with an optimistic view and others come in not knowing what to expect from this environment. There are new set of rules to adjust to, teachers, friendships to make and aspects...

Drama requires student to commit and collaborate with each other in order to produce greater results for all. As showcased in Pass the clap sophomore Remy Carillo, senior Victor Cruz,returning senior Jose Del Toro and junior Walter Duarte, attempt to work together in order to clap in succession.

Students’ state of mind changes yearly

The state of mind of a high school student is subject to change as time progresses. A new grade often means new means new priorities. Although every student ultimately works towards graduation, priorities...

 New Physics and Biology teacher Robert Daniell meets with a student.

Gryphons welcome new family members

Students are seeing five new teachers and one new vice principal for the new school year at Animo Pat Brown. New faces bring new energy to APB. Many students and staff feel that the new teachers and vice...

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