8 Technology and Devices that would Benefit you During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, new technologies developed and released around the world, it has changed the lives of many people in a variety of ways, including health, education, and entertainment.

 Popular gadgets and technology used by different
 people around the world. Source:https://www.techradar.com/news/best-gadgets
By: Dalia Robles and Esmeralda Lopez

Many people struggled to adjust to their new routine after being forced to leave their “normal” lives and change their way of life. Those who went to school and were expected to work online, learned to adjust to the everyday use of technology and gadgets.

During the pandemic, people have found ways to stay healthy and connected. Health care workers found new ways to stay up to date with their patient’s health. In terms of entertainment, new gadgets were released, giving many people a way to have fun and entertain themselves without having to leave the house.

Wearable Monitors, that aids health clinics, and the Molekule Air Mini +, which helps citizens have cleaner air in their homes, are among the gadgets and technology which we will briefly mention. Zoom, Google Classroom, and Whatsapp have become increasingly popular in schools for educational purposes and to stay in touch with families. Entertainment gadgets such as the Canon EOS R5, the PS5, and the Nintendo Switch have provided many people around the world a safe way to entertain themselves at home.

The Wearable Monitor is a system that detects data from the patient while they are at home, such as blood pressure, temperature, and pulse readings. This has allowed the healthcare field to multitask and focus on more grave patients.

Another gadget that has benefited people is the Molekule Air Mini +, that detects air particles and categorizes them as good or bad before purifying the air at various speeds. This device allows us to purify, clean, and freshen our homes, reducing the amount of bacteria that enters our lungs. A useful device that helps reduce the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 by eliminating bad bacteria in our homes.

Senior Eduardo Villalobos, a student, shared the relatability technology has for people of all ages. He states, “It can help those in need plus keep people sane.” 

One of the educational platforms that has become popular during these times is Zoom. Zoom is an app that has helped many people, particularly students, stay in touch with teachers and school via live video chats. Distance live video chat allows you to have a more class-like experience while also connecting and being with your fellow classmates and teachers. 

Line graph representing the popularity of Zoom 
on the app store after February 29th. Source:Apptopia

Google Classroom is a platform that allows teachers to assign classwork. This has made it easier to communicate, organize, and be self-sufficient with the resources available, increasing its popularity and utility in schools. 

Some students shared that the impact is more personal. “It has helped us facilitate things and stay connected. Like in my case, I moved and the only reason I can continue going to school at APB is cuz of technology. Negative because we get our brains more used to it and more reliant on it” senior, Nefer Garcia said.

WhatsApp is another platform that has had an impact on schools. Author Neil Selwyn, Distinguished Research Professor, at Monash University says, “Classes in some countries have been run through WhatsApp, primarily because this was the one platform most students and families had access to…” WhatsApp is simple to use, there are no fees or advertisements, it works on any phone, and it supports international messaging. This expands the benefits of technology in many other countries by engaging families, teachers, and schools, advancing the efficiency of technology for all generations and making schools easier to operate. 

Along with entertainment, The Canon EOS R5 is a camera with a 45-megapixel full-frame sensor that captures high-quality pictures. It moves at a rate of 20 frames per second. Potentially the best time to use your creativity, imagination, and passion through a lens to produce meaningful photos. When you have the time and opportunity to use this camera for entertainment, the possibilities are endless.

Another technology gadget that is by far one of the most popular technologies to have come out is the PS5, a white colored exterior which looks like wings and the center interior color black. The PS5 has a resolution as high as 8k, 120 frames per second, but not at the same time, cutting-edge graphics features, and so much more. PS5 users appreciate the PS5 for the opportunity to relax, have fun, communicate with others, and simply have fun during the pandemic.  

Animal Crossing has gained worldwide popularity and has everyone excited, passionate, and cheerful due to it being cute, creative, and enjoyable. One high school student who plays Animal Crossing said, “It’s time consuming and distracts you from reality” and “It has become my life.” One can entertain themselves and other people in the game even though we are in a pandemic. 

During the pandemic, technology connected everyone. However, with the right balance, technology can be more beneficial than harmful. With new machinery, gadgets, and technology being developed, what else could the future hold for us?

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