APB’s Safety Precautions during Missile Launch

By: Alan Gutierrez, Jesus Avina, Julio Ibarra


Is APB prepared for a surprise missile attack in Los Angeles? On January 13, 2018 in Hawaii, a missile strike warning occurred which scared millions of people, eventually the emergency message was stated to be false, which made many people still worried and afraid. If an emergency missile message occurred during school hours, what will APB do? What will be the best thing to do? It will be a horrible situation for everyone, many will panic, many will not know what to do.


11th grade Chemistry teacher Ms.Roselman stated, “I could imagine what it would be like when it’s happening, many students will run or some will not know what to do in that situation.” Many students will run out of the classroom to seek for shelter. Ms.Roselman also stated that it would be safer to have the students in the classroom as a group, to have more of a secure place to be. It will be more efficient if students stick together because it will cause chaos in school grounds if all the students ran out of there classes. It’s a very awful situation, and I’m sure no one would want that at all. Ms. Roselman also stated “It will be safer to stay inside the classrooms and under the desk, I will encourage my students to stay and even have the backdoor secured.” Remaining calm will help other students around to remain secure and calmed as well.


9th grade English teacher Ms.Shiemenkowski stated, “I can tell you that I am not aware of a plan of a nuclear warfare, but in a defense of that, we are not planned for any of that, nuclear warfare is such huge and something unaware to prepare for, I don’t know what the steps will be, I imagine there will be a lot of panic.” Ms.Roselman also agrees to what Ms. Shiemenkowski said, from the information that they know, the school does not has a plan for a missile strike hit in Los Angeles. The best thing to do so far is to keep all students in the building and calmed into further instructions from Mr.Reed. Ms.Shiemenkowski also stated “It will be pointless to leave school campus, there will be so many car accidents, there will be so many traffic, I don’t think I would run out. There’s nowhere outside safer than here, I won’t go outside, I will try to tell people to stay inside the building, but that’s the best as I know.” Both teachers have a similar plan to keep all students inside the building, inside the classrooms and sticking together until further notice.


P.E teacher Mr.Cieply also has a response to what he thinks the school will do, he stated, “I think that they would call a code orange over the intercom and teachers would get students in the classrooms and lock the doors, and wait for further notice.” Mostly all teachers have the same plan to stick together in classrooms. Mr.Cieply also stated “I don’t believe that we have a protocol for a missile, for a missile I don’t know what it would be, I hope the students don’t run outside because it will be better if we stay in a group, if people leave from the group it would be a chaos. I also think all the teachers should know the recent occurs in hawaii about the false missile strike, so that everyone will be prepared and take time to discuss it with other teachers.” Mr.Cieply has a good point to what he said, all teachers should know about the false missile strike in Hawaii because a missile strike warning could happen at any time, at any place.


Principle Reed was surprised with the question “What precautionary measures will you take to ensure the safety of APB students?”, he stated “ We would follow the earthquake procedures and stay in the building until further notice”. He also wanted students to make a plan with their parents, friends, friends parents and neighbors to see where they will take cover and how much supplies to have if a missile strike were to happen. Mr.Reed implied that all schools have a stash of canned food and water stored in the school if an earthquake were to occur which will last around 2-3 days. As well as emergency supplies if some students were to get severely injured after any type of catastrophic event.


10th grade student Matt stated “I don’t think the school has a plan for a missile strike, we’re unprepared for this, and I think the school should let some students go home if their parents come to pick them up, also the teachers will keep the students safe.” All of the people we interviewed so far they believe that the teachers should keep the students inside their classroom and to make sure that they wait for any further notice by the intercom.


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