CSU Applications

By Leslie Reyes

While application season is here many have already begun applying to their Cal States. The one’s who received financial aid were able to apply to four CSU’s at no cost which normally would’ve cost 55 dollars each.

APB seniors were required to apply to one Cal State that was local such as: CSULA, CSUDH, or CSULB.

Many were very excited for schools that were away from home.

The Cal States that seniors are most excited about is Cal Poly Pomona and San Luis Obispo.

A majority of students were also considering Cal State Long Beach even though it is one of the Cal States competitive schools.

The deadline to turn these applications in are on November 30th which is coming up very soon.

Once Spring begins acceptance letters will start to be sent back. A very anticipating time for students for it will determine their future of where they will go for college.

Seniors at APB are placed into different guidance classes based on their GPA. The different guidances are UC, CSU, and Community Colleges.

Even though UC guidance students are expected to go to a UC school they are given the option to also attend a Cal State. These students were the first to apply to Cal States.

When applying to schools some were given a fee waiver due to how much their family income was. For senior Leonides Martinez this was the case. She was able to apply to four Cal States for free.

Leonides is part of a UC guidance so she applied alongside her classmates, so at times it’s difficult for teachers to answer all their questions. The most confusing part when applying for her was that 2 different addresses popped up. It was difficult to check if you didn’t mess up.

David Padilla is part of Cal State/ Community College guidance. The application process was different from someone attending a UC guidance. David said, “It was an easy process especially since she took us out of class and individually helped us fill out our applications”.

During guidance they would begin to fill out their applications and their guidance teacher would just check to see if they had kept up with the work.
The surprising thing is that students who are applying to community colleges have not began applying.


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