Warriors Chase for 73

By Esteban, Gerardo, Miguel

The Golden State Warriors have a chance again to make history. This time, they are in competition with the 96’ Bulls. The record holding Bulls finished with a record of 72-10 which is considered legendary by many. Currently, the Warriors are 72-9, and there is only one game for them to play. In order to beat the 72-10 Bulls, the Warriors need to win their last game of the regular season versus the Grizzlies. Either way, the Warriors have already made history, since they matched the 96’ Bulls record.

Last Saturday, the Warriors and Grizzlies came down to the final minutes. Surprising, the Grizzlies played well considering that some of their injured starting players were out. Today, the Warriors and Grizzlies play again, and Kevin Hernandez senior here at APB said, “I think they will beat the Bulls record because the Grizzlies don’t have Mike Conley and Marc Gasol”.

Many believed that the Warriors couldn’t pull of breaking the record because they play the Spurs twice towards the end of the season. Joel Castro, basketball player at APB, said “At first, I thought they couldn’t beat the Bulls because they had to play the Spurs, but now seeing that they’re playing the Grizzlies, they have a chance at breaking the record”.

Many students here at APB are excited to see that the Warriors are achieving greatness once again. Brian Rivas basketball player at APB, said, “I hope the Warriors break the record because Scottie Pippen said that they would sweep the Warriors in a series.” He also said that he is 100% that the Warriors will break the record. But some students such as Joel said, “ I don’t want them to break the record because that would mean that they’re the best.”

Brian said, “ The Warriors will beat the record because Stephen Curry is unstoppable, and the Warriors want to beat it, so they’re going to beat it.”

Tonight should be a memorable night for many. The Warriors are chasing 73 wins, and Kobe Bryant’s sensational career comes to an end.  The Warriors game was moved to the ESPN channel starting at 7:30 Pacific time, and Kobe’s final game was moved to ESPN2. This is truly a night to remember for fans.


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