Lunch Rush Hour, Worth It?

By: Londy Hernandez and Porscha Outlaw

The clock strikes 11:25 and the bell rings, signaling teachers to let students out of class. Many students, including 11th grader Bryant de la Cruz rushes to to the lunch line. Others, like, Senior Diana Gonzales, take their time to get food. By the time Bryant gets to the front of the line, the line has reduced. On the other hand, by the time Diana gets to the line, the food option she wanted is most likely gone.

So, when is the best time to get lunch? Students tend to get lunch at different times, and there are various reasons for this. Parent Coordinator, Ms. Ocampo says it all depends on what students prefer, “Well it depends, do you rather have your choice of what you want to eat or do you want a shorter line?”

Sometimes, students are not always promised to get what they want for lunch, or even get food at all. According to Ms. Ocampo, who serves students, she tries to order food based on what is being offered. If it is something that students tend to enjoy more, she orders more of it, while something that is not as popular, will not be orders as much. This is mostly to ensure that the least amount of food is wasted, and everyone gets something to eat. 

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Student Bryant said that he tries to get lunch as soon as class is over because “sometimes the lines are too long and all the good food runs out. I would say the best time to get lunch is right away so that you have more options since the stuff runs out.”

Despite this thinking, Diana said, “The line is so long, I just wait until 10 minutes before lunch ends so that the line will be shorter.” No matter the consequence, students still prefer to wait in order to avoid long lines.

Even Freshman Anthony Garcia said it is more logical to get there as soon as possible to avoid the long line. He said “If your teacher lets you out at 11:25, [at] 11:26, you need to be in line.

It seems there will never be a specific time to get lunch because it’ll always depend on how a student values their lunch time. Avoiding the lunch “rush hour” seems to be common among many students, whereas others don’t mind the wait if it means they get their choices. 


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