Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele

Star Director Jordan Peele has introduced a new kind of film style with his 3 movies. His ability to make the audience terrified yet keep their eyes glued to the screen is one of the reasons he is so successful. All three of his films have been successful and his fans are looking forward to new projects.

The award winning movie Get Out(2017) was Jordan Peele’s debut into the horror genre. This film was not only horrifying but also brings up points about race and adds a creative twist to it. Actor Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris Washington, a photographer who is about to meet his white girlfriend’s family. He starts noticing weird incidents and becomes paranoid. After a while he tries to escape but the family finds out they try to keep him from leaving.

The film received a 98% critics score and 86% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. It also received a 7.7/10 on IMDb. “The film set a new tone for horror. Definitely one of the best horror movies.” said Steven López when asked how the movie affected cinema. From the close up camera angles to the unsettling suspense, Get Out is not only one of scariest horror movies but it’s also one of the most brilliant films I’ve seen.

Us (2019) is Jordan Peele’s second horror film. After Get Out, fans and critics set high expectations for the film and it did not disappoint. This film starts off with a little girl on her birthday, she’s with both her parents at a fair on a beach. She wanders off after the mother goes to the restroom and her dad is fixated on a game. She ends up running into her doppelganger leaving her traumatized and unable to speak. Years go by and she has her own family far away from the beach. For summer, they go to their vacation home near the beach in the first scene. At night is when she meets her doppelgänger again but this time she’s not alone. Every single person around has a doppelganger. After finding out their intentions are to kill, they try to fight their way out.

This movie is filled with twists and turns leaving you at the edge of your seat, questioning everything going on. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 93% making the movie a success and solidifying Jordan Peele as the next big thing in cinema.

Jordan Peele’s most recent movie strays away from the psychological horror and goes a completely different direction, more of a sci-fi, thriller movie. The movie is about OJ( Daniel Kaluuya) a Horse Trainer who notices something weird is going on after he witnessed his father die from a coin that fell from the sky. After this happened he became curious of the sky, also because he noticed that some of his horses started missing… and what he found you never would’ve expected. On rotten tomatoes critics gave it an 83% making it a pretty decent movie, the audience gave this movie a 69% making it less of a fan favorite, and the lowest rated movie of the 3. I believe this movie got the lowest rating because people maybe expected it to be like the first 2 movies, and when it was released it didn’t meet the expectations. But all in all the movie was still a very good movie.

Jordan Peele is definitely the future of film, has and is going to continue making movies that challenge the generic horror genre, arguably changing the genre, by popularizing psychological horror combined with real social problems going on in the world. As of right Peele does not have any upcoming projects to look forward to, but when he does announce his next movie I am certain that it will be monumental.