Senior, stress?

Senior, stress?

By: Joann Rios


Senior year, stress? Even though 12 grade might seem like the ending of High School, many stress is present. The question is what to take in notice as freshman, sophomores, and juniors, in order to be able to handle the stress being present?

Due to the huge responsibilities that senior are to face the stress starts to urge towards their mentality. “Senior year is a little stressful because you have your friends so they keep you distracted but classes are fine, the work average, more than I expected though.” says senior student, Marcella Barajas. In the same manner APB senior Robert Garcias says, “ Well senior year has been very stressing. Classes are becoming very difficult and challenging.” ; both APB senior students are in a stage in which stress has overcome their days. As senior students, many responsibilities are put towards them and so stress starts to urge in their daily lives. Students that are in lower range from senior year would start to find some stress starting to form. The point is to prepare students in order to be able to manage the stress upcoming in order to succeed and graduate from APB. The purpose for the teachers is to prepare the students for college in order for students to achieve. Though students might not be prepared for huge responsibilities that take most of their time.


High schools might not find stress at all intriguing but in fact stress damages many students mentality. APB is a family and so as a family we need to provide help, tips, anything that would help the future senior students. When asked the interviewers what they would like to know before being seniors the answer related to the fact that senior year would be stress. Robert says, “ Like I wasn’t really prepared for senior year. Of course I always said I can’t wait for this year to come and that I was ready to overcome anything. Problem was I didn’t know the feeling of being a senior when it came to the class work”. Similarly to what Robert mentioned, Marcella indicated that some stress that she is facing this year was the amount of work. The work being provided for students in senior year are piled up and each assignment has a due date in which you need to arrange in order to succeed.

The actual question here is what can future seniors do in order to control the stress being provided from classes? Further on the interview we decided to ask for some tips freshman, sophomore, and junior should know in order to succeed. Their responses were, “ Take it serious, obviously, because this is really gonna affect your grades and for your future as well, when you go to college. Don’t slack off , cause homework although you may not think its important because it plays a little part in your grade well it shows a difference once your final comes. …. Manage your time because  you don’t want to leave everything at the last minute. If you’re struggling with something make sure to come to guided study so teacher could help you.” says Marcella Barajas. As well some other tips were “ First thing, do not be lazy. Yes every year is going to be hard just don’t fall back where you can’t get back up. Otherwise what was the point of coming to school for so many years already, just to blow it in the last few. Keep up with your work and never miss an opportunity to do better.” says Robert Garcia. The main point is to be able to manage each class and APB has always provided students with help for example, guided study. As well the time being reserved for homework would need to be arranged in order to complete everything that needs to be done. I hope that these tips are useful in order to prepare for senior year, a year full of stress but as well full of enjoyment.



Senior year is the end, the finish line from the huge race in which you were indicated to run, stress will come by, responsibilities, and downhills, but remember the race is almost over and that touch line is almost heading its way. Don’t give up future seniors because the basic stress had come and the advance stress is on its way.



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