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The British invasion happens to the United States, again

BBC America is the main station that hosts British TV shows in America. If the channel is not available for any reason, they post most of their shows on their main website and Netflix.

The internet has liberated society from their televisions. Thanks to an increasing popularity in digital media like Netflix, people can watch any show they want. This method has lead to an increase in foreign entertainment viewing. The following shows have originated from the UK. Even though America acts as a major entertainment hub, the following shows prove that there are oversea gems.
There are two types of science fiction that people associate most of the genre in. There is the futuristic space opera, a category that has reached critical success due to the works of Star Wars and Star Trek. The other category is more grounded in realism and modern times. These series commonly focus on the mystery of the the science fiction and not complete world building. One example of this is The X-Files. The first show that will be discussed places itself firmly in between space opera and realism.

1963 was the start of a legacy, a doctor and a police box. Spanning over 700 episodes, the complex universe of Doctor Who has captivated the hearts of the British. The story features a time travelling alien and his miscellaneous companions as they travel around the universe. The series is also original in how it handles the main character, only known as The Doctor. At the end of every of the major seasons, they find a way to replace the main actor to usher in a new age of the show. This has lead to 11 different “Doctors”. New episodes are on BBC America every Saturday at 8 pm. If you want to get into the show from one of the earlier points, the episodes are on Netflix.

A good mystery series must be able to captivate its audience. If the series does not contain a connected plot-line, the audience will not be able to like the character and the book loses value. The Sherlock Holmes series is an example of a mystery series done right. This amazing detective has graced the minds of readers for more than a century. Spawning several spin-offs and films, the series meets no end in sight.
The next series being covered is one of these spin-offs. Sherlock is a modern adaptation of the adventures of the famous sleuth. This re-imagining changes several of the characters to fit the newer modern setting. Instead of a constant general help, Watson takes a more active position, now placing his back-story as a young veteran from the Afghan war. Holmes himself has been updated to fit the times. His drug issue that was seen in the original stories now includes nicotine patches that he uses in all of his cases as a way to help him think. New episodes of Sherlock are set to return later this year, with the first 6 90-minute episodes available on Netflix.

When people think of fighting terrorists, they will commonly talk about the army and other combat roles. However, there is a secret war that goes on in our everyday lives. These soldiers fight a war against an opponent whose number is unknown and strike from a variety of sources. In the UK, the Security Service handles this process.

Spooks is a series that focuses on the life of workers for the Security. The series shares a common trait with other crime series in that the show focuses on a whole cast of characters and not one main character. The only consistent character is the head of the agency, Harry Pearce. The characters in this series handle threats including nuclear weaponry and preventing a possible war between Russia and the UK. Starting in 2002 and lasting for 10 seasons, Spooks is a series that brings a new perspective on the political part of counter-terrorism.

In recent years, a new fad has appeared in the entertainment industry. Due to the shocking success of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, shows focusing on vampires and the supernatural have been on a rise. Many series, such as The Vampire Diaries, have tried to use Twilight’s success to get better ratings. The next show is the UK’s attempt at a supernatural drama.
Being Human, released in 2008, gives a new take on the idea of polar opposites living together. The series features a werewolf and a vampire as best friends that are trying to suppress their inner instinct. At some point, they decide to rent an apartment that turns out to be haunted by a ghost. This cast of three try to adjust to their average lives while dealing with other supernatural issues. The final season is premiering on BBC America June 8th with previous episodes currently on BBC America. The United States version under the same name is also airing on SyFy.

Game shows have been a staple of television across the globe. People love to tune in and watch as more hopeful contestants try their luck to win a sizable portion of cash. The following show brings an interesting twist to the quiz show formula.

Quite Interesting is a series that will make some people shake their head in shock.Hosted by Stephen Fry, this game show changes the rules. The questions themselves are challenging and often too difficult, but the game is not impossible to win. This is because points are also awarded for the most interesting wrong answers. Points are then decided by Fry himself or the “QI Elves”. Although the series is unavailable by previous sources, it is possible to watch it on Youtube or under the name QI.

Superhero series have rapidly been moving away from the comic book format. The big screen has seen great films such as The Avengers and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Night series. On the other side, the small screen of television has seen hits such as Smallville and Heroes. These series focus on the drama and pressures that come with having superpowers. The next series is a mix between the latter and a prison drama.

Misfits initially focuses on a group of five prison inmates that received superpowers on a freak thunderstorm. Spawning five seasons, this saga is a fitting counterpart to the American show Heroes. With a United States remake currently in production, it is easy to get your superpowered fix in between the big screen hits.

The next comic book related series is different because it focuses on a comic book. Utopia’s five central characters come across this draft, raising the suspicions of a mysterious group known as “The Network”. One subplot in the series is a virus outbreak with a vaccine that can only be used by a specific ethnic group. The series has been criticized for its graphic content, but, in a surprising act, the network managed to keep the show on the air. The series can be seen online at

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