Your blood times two

Your blood donation can save two other individuals lives.
The third annual blood drive for Children’s Hospital in L.A. could not be more happy with the donations that Ánimo Pat Brown students and administrators have given.
About 66 people donated blood at Ánimo Pat Brown which accumulated into 135 lives saved.
An individual can donate blood every two months which means up to 6 times a year, basically every 60 days you can save two lives.
Ánimo Pat Brown students were able to donate 45 units of blood, each unit has about 450 milliliters of blood.
Not many students are aware that hospitals need as many blood donors as possible because blood expires at 31 days.
1,000 pints of blood are donated a month but after 3-4 days the blood is already gone so therefore more donors need to be donating more blood.
Also, blood can actually be split up into sections.
Basically like a Lego model, each Lego makes up the model but you can split up the model into sections.
Blood has four compounds: Red blood cells, White blood cells, Plasma, and Piglets.
Every product has a different purpose so that’s why donating blood is very vital.
All this information was said by Rene Orates who is a worker for Children’s Hospital in L.A.
But the process of donating blood can be a difficult one to reach because so many people are unable to donate blood due to low iron, insufficient weight, diseases, etc.
When asked a worker how long the process takes to donate blood, Arturo Marin said, “The process is no longer than 10 minutes but the needle isn’t in you for long. Only about 7 minutes but we ask you to stay for about 15 more minutes in order to get back on your feet”.
The individuals who do get to donate either feel sick after the donation or completely normal.
When Junior Angel Flores was asked how he felt after donating blood he said, “I feel like throwing up! My head is hurting, but I feel lazy yet proud of myself because I’m going to save lives”.
While others felt completely fine about donating blood and had no symptoms of feeling sick.
“I feel pretty good, I feel fat because of all this food I’m eating” said Junior Omar Monitel.
After the student or staff had donated blood they were allowed to pick from a variety of food in order to make up for the lost blood.
When asked other students why they had decided to donate they all said the exact line “I did it for the kids”.
Students at Ánimo Pat Brown show kindness by donating blood to children in need.
It takes much courage for some students to donate blood while others have no fears towards the needle.
Drama teacher Ellie Herman at first was undecided about donating blood but later was persuaded by technology teacher Amy Cox.
“Ms. Cox, she came and spent second period with me since we both have that period free. And she made me do it” said Herman.
But the only job in donating blood wasn’t to stick someone with a needle.
There was also the individuals that were in charge of paperwork and keeping the blood ready for the coroner.
“My job is to be a Clerk 3, it’s like a higher position than a regular clerk. I basically type up every ones information that they filled out in paperwork and put it in the computer” said Grecia Garcia.
There are many ways to get involved in the donation of blood without having to actually donate blood.
Many students call up relatives to come and donate blood in order to help save more lives.
But plenty of lives were saved the day of May the 16 thanks to the blood warriors who were willing to step up and donate blood


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