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The student news site of Animo Pat Brown Charter High School

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ÁPB struggles to compose next year’s budget

Next year’s wanted items are new laptops for students and teachers, new graphing calculators, tools used in Robotics, new English books, teacher training and much more.

This school year is almost over, which means that teachers and administrators are starting to work on next years’ budget.

Every year each department creates a list of their needs for next year.

Then they give their list to Principal Joshua Hartford. He then goes over every list, makes suggestions and creates a draft budget.

While teachers have asked for lots of new materials and supplies, not everything can be paid for.

$3,500 on school agendas?

At the beginning of each year, ÁPB supplies each student with an agenda.

With this agenda, students are expected to write down their daily homework in order to succeed in their classes.

Many students do not appreciate this. They either lose, damage, or do not even use their agenda.

“I honestly do not use my planner because events are announced by flyers, announcements, or by teachers. To remember homework I just use common sense so I do not find a reason to use the agenda.” Junior Arturo Arroyo said.

These students do not realize how much money ÁPB spends on the agendas every year.

On the other hand, some students find agendas beneficial. “My planner allows me to keep everything I need to do. It helps me organize and keep track of things like homework and upcoming events,” Junior Lucia Gutierrez said.

Lucia uses her agenda daily and states that it has positively affected her student life.

Every year ÁPB spends $3,500 on school agendas. ÁPB has many other things to buy and those $3,500 can be spent on other things.

For example, with the amount of money spent on agendas, ÁPB can purchase 8 new computer desktops needed in room 4.

Additionally, with that money 10th graders can enjoy a field trip to the Museum of Tolerance; which will not be available next year.

“Therefore, next year when you receive your new agenda make sure you take care of it, use it and most of all appreciate it because ÁPB puts in great effort in order for you to have it.” Lucia said.

$1,755 on

For the third year in a row, the English department asked for will cost $1,755. With that amount of money, ÁPB can buy two document cameras that teachers requested this year. allows students to turn in their essays or other assignments through the website. This website allows students to peer edit each others work.

They are able to comment on the essays and learn from each other’s mistakes. also allows teachers to check whether the students obtained his/her assignment from any sources on the internet.

“We want our students to learn good habits in High School and is an excellent tool to do it.” 10th grade English teacher, Brian Reed said.

Reed states that is a great tool for students and it will benefit them in the future.

Sophomore Wendy Ponce also shares the same point of view on as Reed.

“ is a great source for 10th grade Honor English Sophomores because they have the advantage to edit each other’s essays, and they can obtain feedback from peers. can help students write a high academic essay.” Wendy said.

Even though has advantages, not all students get the chance to use it. “It’s not fair that 10th grade Honors English students only get to use it because regular English can also use the help offers. The honors’ students can do it on their own.” Wendy said.

$159 on rulers?

One of the multiple things that the Math department asked for this year was 70 flexible rulers.

When asked why the math department wouldn’t ask for the hard rulers instead of buying flexible rulers; since the flexible rulers are more expensive.

Math teacher, Dana Mainella said, “The cheaper rulers are more durable, and it saves us money at the end.”

“Next time you are using a ruler in class, treat it with care and be conscience that you can save ÁPB some money by conserving the rulers” Mainella said.

 $14,350 on training?

Teachers asked for more training for next year.

In total, every department asked for $14,350 to send teachers to training to learn new strategies to increase learning at ÁPB.

The English department asked for $1,400, Math department asked for $1,500, Science department asked for $10,000, Spanish asked for $1,500, and technology asked for $300.

“You’re teachers aren’t born amazing they become amazing through constant learning,” Reed said.

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