Military Recruiters Persuade Teens to Sign Up

Military recruiters are trained to do one thing, recruit.

Their job is basically to recruit people whether they are high school students or adults.

They will convince you to join whichever branch you’re interested in and will tell you all the good things that you get out of the army.

They train and prepare you for what’s waiting ahead.

They tell you that you get to go around the world and that you’ll get a lot of different benefits once you get out.

What they don’t want to tell you is all the bad things.

They don’t tell you that you can come back with mental or health disorders.

Some of these disorders are depression, physical problems, or even mental problems.

However, everybody has their own view of the military.

Some people hate the military, whereas others love it.

Some people find going to the military dumb because they think that you’re going straight to war and that when you come back you come with some sort of mental disability or physical disability.

People need to get educated about the army before they give their point of view about it.

You can go anywhere on the internet and find more information about whichever branch you would like to join.

You can find information on everything you need to know and you can even see combat footage of actual military operations.

Other people actually like the army and respect those who serve their country.

Some people like to put their lives on the lines and love what they do.

They put their passion into it and they never give up.

They join the army to defend our country and they have some sort of inner pride in themselves.

Some join because of the college opportunity after they get out. They get their full tuition paid for and they get their medical and dental needs covered.

Some people join because they want a career in the military.

After 20 years of serving the military you can retire and receive retirement payments.

They join because they may want to carry on the family tradition or travel and go around the world. The military will pay all your expenses to get you and your family wherever you want to live.

Some people join the army as a last resort.

They either can’t pay for college or they just don’t want to continue with school.

Some people join because they are just tired of their home town and want to explore the world.

You can get a lot of great benefits from joining the military.

The military teaches you dicipline and it takes honor and pride to join.

You have to be willing to put your life on the line for others and have to be able to commit to what your doing.

You are there to prove to yourself that you can achieve such a high level of commitment and durability.

If you know you can’t handle alot of pressure, the Army is not for you.

Mario Reyes

The thing that makes people choose the military after high school is that they want to be able to take action against any terrorist attacks.

“I want to be able to defeat anything and anyone that shows threats to the country” says Mario Reyes.

Many people don’t speak to recruiters until they are sure that they want to join and then they go to figure out more about the Army.

“I think that the reason I will fall into the military is because I like things that have to do with war.” says Reyes.

Some people always wanted to join the military and they are intersted in being part of the action.

Many people like the Army for what it is.

They defend our country and put their lives on the lines.

In the military there are several branches you can choose to join from.

You have some that require more than others.

“I would want to join the United States Marines.

I want to join the Marines because they are the first to respond to action.

I want to be first in action leave the rest of the Army the leftovers of the Marines.”said Reyes.

The military needs people to spend at least two years in service but you can do more if you pleased.

After you serve your time in the military you have a great oportunity to get a job in the military.

“After the military I am planning on working with the Coast Guard near the border to keep the country safe from any threats.” said Mario Reyes.

The military is a great oprtunity for anyone who doesn’t know what to do after high school.

We recently had military recruiters come to our school and they gave us a great perspective of the Army.


Having actually served in the Army, they were able to give us their perspective of how and why they joined the Army.


Their reason was because they wanted to go to college after they finished with their tour.


“I joined the Army as a senior in highschool at 17 years old.


The reson why I joined the Army was because of 2 resons; I wanted to go to college but I knew my mom didn’t have enough money to pay for college and I wanted to get out of my moms house as fast as possible.” says Sgt. Haynes.


Sgt. Haynes joined the army at a very young age.


This is age that most of us are right now. Most people wouldn’t dare to even think of joining the army at this age.


Sgt. Haynes is like the majority of people.


They want to go to college but they don’t know how to pay for it.


The Army helped Sgt. Haynes because it paid his entire college fund.


It also helped him to get a good job in the Army. “My job in the Army is H.R. Human Resources.


I’m a secratery for the Army. I make sure everyone in the Army gets paid, the go on vacation, they get their promotion, and make sure everything is good.” says Sgt. Haynes.


This is a pretty nice job because you’re still in the boundries of the Army but are not fighting against enemies or putting yourself in danger.


There are 150 jobs within the Army that you can choose from when you join.


This sounds cool to those who want to get a job in the Army.


They can still be around all the equipment and other items that the Army usually has.


You’re just not in the line of fire or in any danger at all. Joining the Army is also a great choice because you get to travel.


Your going to get deployed in another country and live there at least one time in the Army.


” I was stationed in Vicenza Italy. I lived in Italy for 3 years, I traveled all over Europe and in between those 3 years I went to Afghanistan for 15 months.” says Staff Sgt. Sistrunk.


You not only get to live in another country but you also get to have your family come live with you.


The great thing about this is that the Army pays everything for you.


They pay for the shipping of your items and also for the house you live in.


It’s also a great way to explore the world. You can get to meet new people and maybe even learn a few new things.


Something that not many people know when they join the Army is that sometimes you never even get to fire your gun.


Some people go there and think that the Army sends you straight to war.


It’s not always like that. ” Just like everybody you think that you join the Army your just gonna get shipped of and get killed. Thats what everybody thinks. Thats what I thought back in 2005″ says Staff Sgt. Sistrunk.


It’s true, ask anybody why someone should not join the Army and they will tell you that your going to get killed out there.


People dont want others to join the Army especially if their family members because their afraid of loosing that person.


Not everyone goes out to fight and besides everyone who joins the Army is trained mentally and physically. They are prepared to be defend themselves to any threat that comes about. The process of joining the Army is also something that alot of people dont really understand.


They are prepared to be defend themselves to any threat that comes about.


The process of joining the Army is also something that alot of people don’t really understand.


First you sit down and have an interview with the recruiter.


The recruiter asks you a series of questions.


They ask you for your age, have you ever been arrested, and other prequalification questions before joining the Army.


Then they make you take a practice test. The practice ASVAB test.


If you pass that and you are positive that the Army is something your willing to do, then you take the real ASVAB.


Once you have completed that test, the recruiter takes your score and give you a list of the jobs that you qualify for.


The Army is one of the only brances that can do that.


Other branches don’t tell you and they give you a random job that you might not like.


You can then pick the job you like to have and you can secure the job for 7 days.


In those 7 days you have to go to where you took your ASVAB test and sign a contract and do your physical.


They check if you have any major scars and check your vision and hearing.


They also make you sit down with a doctor and a psychologist to make sure you are not crazy.


Then you will go to a room with other future soldiers and take an oath.


After 4-5 months you will be sent to basic training.


You will learn how to read maps, train physically and learn military tactics.


During basic training, most of the recruits pass and continue to become a full soldier.


“In my training only about 4 out of 40 people didn’t graduate.” says Sgt. Sistrunk.


Not many people fail basic training.


Some people might be afraid of going to the Army and not passing basic training.


4 out of 40 students is a very small amount of people that failed.


This is a great perspective for those who think that they might not pass.


The army will teach you things that you never thought you can do.


They make you do many things that raise the limit of what you can physically and mentally do.


As an enlisted soldier, you get many benefits.


You get free medical and dental.


During training, you even get paid for training. You also get a $450,000 life ensurance for your familiy.


You get free legal services, gym services, and even free theme park entrances.


Its a great opportunity for those who devote themselves to the United States of America.


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