What you eat once had a Heartbeat

 Animals value their lives as we value ours. They don’t want to be killed and nor do we. It’s not correct to just take the lives of a poor defenseless animal and separate them of their family. Its like taking your family members away from you to be slaughter and be on the kitchen table for a meal.

“I’m compassionate towards animals. I find no reason to eat them when theres other resources available that doesn’t require killing”, said senior Daniela Luna.

Animals are exposed to the brutality everyday. For example meat, dairy, and eggs.
“I’ve been vegetarian for 4 years mainly because of global warming issues and animal rights which motivated me to stay vegetarian” said Biology and Physics teacher Robert Daniells.

Fish are intelligent animals with long term memories who have the capacity to feel pain but, fish industries treat them as if they were nothing more than lifeless objects. Fish suffer greatly when they’re caught, farmed and killed for their flesh.

A small profit organization called Mercy for Animals stated, “The intense internal pressure ruptures their swim bladders, pops out their eyes, and pushes their stomach through their mouth”.
When they are being dragged out the seas on board many slowly suffocated with their stomach open and others are crushed to death.
“As a biology it does bothers me to complete the frog dissection because it makes me uncomfortable and I’m debating whether I should do again this year” said Daniells.

Birds raised in farms, such as thousands of turkeys and chickens are crowded into dirty, ammonia- laden sheds where diseases spread. The sad part is that most don’t even get to spread their wings and most never see the sunlight or breathe air, expect on their way to the slaughter house. Birds are genetically modified to grow larger and more quickly than a normal bird.

The MFA interviewed a agribusiness journalist, “…boiler now grow so rapidly that the heart and lungs are not developed well enough to support the remainder of the body, resulting in congestive heart failure and tremendous death losses.” This means that chickens experience crippling leg disorders and their body weight can’t support it and collapse.

If a blade misses some of the turkeys and chickens they aren’t to a scalding tank. Where are they are being killed with hot water with a temperature of 143℉. While they are being boiled some are still conscious.

Humans don’t like to be taken away from their children who are 10 years old. Well pigs are the victim by such actions. Their piglets are taken away at the age of  10 days old they’re put into pens until they are separated to be raised for reproduction or meat.

Mother pigs spent their lives in crates that are 7 feet long and 2 feet  wide , to scramp for them to move around. Before they give birth they are moved to bigger crates to give them enough space to give birth a nourish their piglets. But its not wide enough for their piglets to lie down.

They are meant to live their lives in a place where they sleep out in the open where there’s sunshine and fresh air. But instead they spent their lives in a slaughterhouse where they sleep in small concrete crates.

“The sheds, filled with dust and ammonia, cause severe respiratory infections. An examination of 6,00 slaughter pigs revealed that 71 % suffered from pneumonia (an infection of the lungs)” a source from MFA.

On April 10, 2001 the Washington Post reported, “Hogs are often dunked in tanks of hot water after they are stunned to soften the hides for skinning. As a result, a botched stunning condemns some hogs to being scalded and drowned. Secret videotapes from Iowa pork plants shows hogs squealing and kicking as they are being lowered into water.”

Cattles spend their poor defenseless lives in cramp feedlots where they stand all day. Not only that they’re on poor diets to the point where they can’t digest their food. Before being slaughter they aren’t feed because there won’t be “good” beef for consumers.

Meanwhile they are being transported to the house of pain they put into these trucks were about 40 to 45 cattle are put in. Which means that they are all cramp into a small space often most cattle die from heat exhaustion. The ones who make it alive are electrically shocked, or shot in head off the truck. Plus these fortuneless animals often kick and scream as they are being skinned while being alive.

American dairy farms have cows hooked to electronic devices where they forcefully take out milk from cows for several hours a day.

Cows suffer from electric shocks and painful lesions. The baby calves are known to be starved and are left to become anorexic to create lighter meats that are sold to restaurants for high prices.
This really does not make any sense because the calves are on an iron deficient diet that causes them to have numerous health problems.

The cows are injected with a hormone called Bovine Growth Hormone.This hormone is injected into the cows in order for them to produce an increase in their milk, which has a negative effect on them and their calves.

This affects the cows health and it’s calve can have birth defects.The hormone can affect the cows and their calves but it can also affect humans as well. People can developed breast and prostate cancer.
There’s this misconception about how vegetarians have a lack of protein. Thats not true I get my protein out of rice, beans, nuts, and seeds.
If you don’t have a balance diet and all you eat is junk food you’ll be a unhealthy vegetarian.
The antibiotics used for cows are transferred to people who eat it, said Daniells.

Every year about 26 billion animals are killed to satisfy America’s appetite including dairy and eggs.

I’m vegan because I don’t believe how the meat industry operates . You really don’t know what hormones you’re consuming.
It is still not late to make a difference in your everyday lives and improve the lives of animals around the world.


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