We all have to grow up sometime

Time flies by and we are already in second semester, with only 3 more months to go and we remember the first time we stepped into ÁPB as if it were yesterday. Finals are around the corner, and students have to start considering about what classes to take for the next school year.     There are many classes that students are interested in, but don’t really know what they consist of. We took the time to ask around and get the opinions and advice of what your fellow classmates had to say about the classes that they took. We got everything you would want to know, from what your freshman experience was like, to the responsibility you will now have as a future senior.     Struggles only tend to get more difficult as you grow and this is not just at school, but in real life as well. Some of our students have already come across some of these struggles and have give their advice on how to confront them when you are in the same situation. For example, something we all tend to struggle with is procrastination. This only gets worse with a matter of time. Doing homework, waking up early, and picking up those F’s is really important and if you continue to leave it until the end it will only make things more difficult. “They told me that and now I’m in a deep hole and I can’t get out” said Jonathan Perez.     For upcoming sophomores, you will no longer be considered freshman, you now have to leave the fun and games behind and focus on taking your responsibilities more serious. Make sure to not forget about those AP and honor classes. But don’t think that’s all ÁPB has in store for you. You now also have more electives to choose from like for example drama, art, creative writing and even P.E. “I recommend art because it’s fun and it takes your mind off of other classes” sophomore Jesus Ramirez said.     If you are looking forward to staying active and continue to exercise, now that ÁPB will no longer have sports, P.E might be the class for you. In P.E you do a lot of physical activities like the insanity workout, Zumba, Basketball, and Soccer.     Sports and working out is not for you and you’re not much of a physical person, don’t worry you could always sign up for creative writing. This is a class the teacher helps you express yourself and allows you to write and show who you are through your writing. Here you have the opportunity to make every piece of writing your own, there’s no rules or proper way to write when your doing it from the heart.     Juniors, you will have to start thinking about those stressful test that are college requirements like the ACT and SAT. You have been preparing for this and now more than ever it has gotten more serious and it is important to score well on them. Therefore you should really consider paying close attention in all your classes since your teachers will be giving their all to prepare you for this.     You will be introduced to new materials in English and your teachers will be expecting more from you. You will be reading new interesting books like The Great Gatsby, The Crucible, Catcher in the Rye, and much more. These books could be a little more challenging but not impossible to understand.     “The good thing about English and every other class is that you will now see how they all connect to one another in a variety of ways. Be prepared to face some challenges like having more work than you’ve expected” said Sophomore Jesus Ramirez.

Art or drama?

Then again this is why it is convenient to look forward to your electives. “In Art, you get to express your feelings with the pieces of work that you do during the course of the semester. You also get to learn about various artists and their art work. This class lets you express your creativity” said Junior Maryjane Garcia.     Although art is a great class to look forward to, do not forget about drama. Drama can teach you so much and allow you to have such a great experience. The skills you learn in drama can really benefit you throughout the rest of your life. “I recommend drama because it allows you to have time for yourself and you get to improve in your public speaking,” senior Osman Samayoa said. In drama you get to meditate and interact with others, this class could be so united that it turns into a family. The support you receive from everyone there makes it possible to achieve anything, even your biggest fears.

Robotics or Anatomy?

Seniors class of 2014 have you decided what class to take between robotics or anatomy? Both of these classes are fun, interesting, and overwhelming but remember teachers only give you the work they think you can achieve. “Robotics is very interesting I would recommend robotics because you get to be creative and you get to create your own thing, sort of like art” Senior Alexis Valdovinos said.     Meanwhile if you decide to take anatomy you will get the opportunity to learn about the ways your body functions, and become familiarized with your own body. Anatomy does require a lot of work but it is all super interesting. You get caught up on the excitement in this class that the work you do does not seem like much.     “I would recommend anatomy if you’re independent and you enjoy taking on big responsibilities anatomy would be a great class for you because all of the work there is independent and it all depends on you and if you like this it’s definitely a good class for you” Dani Luna said.     “Most importantly aside from all that you’ve heard I would recommend you any class that you know will help you stay on track to graduate” Maritza Trujillo said. It is super easy to get seniorities at this point. If you start off strong make sure to finish off stronger. Remeber don’t take more then what you could handle. Goodluck on your decisions. Make wise choices that will benefit you in your future.


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