The Green Mile

The Green Mile: 3hrs and 9mins

Rated R *due to graphic execusion scene.
Released: 1999
“John Coffey ma’am, like the drink. Only not spelt the same.”
When Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) meets John Coffey (michael clarke Duncan), his life changes forever and for good. Lousianna in 1935 seemed pretty calm, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing besides the typical executions of criminals. One evening John Coffey wals through the doors of Edgecomb’s block accused of murdering two little girls. John Coffey, being so tall, big, and strong never disrespected Edgecomb or the other officers. Paul Edgecomb was a very humble man that would treat his inmate with mutual respect. At the time, Paul Edgecomb has an extremely painful and dibilitating, some how, some way John Coffey knew and was able to help him out in a very… Mystical… way. As the story unravels and as you fall in love with all the characters in some way John Coffey execution comes around. He leaves his prints on every character, from leaving Percy Wetmore (Doug Hutchinson) completely crazy to giving Mr.Jingles (mouse) many more years of life. Coffey walks to green mile (the halway to the electric chair) asking for forgiveness for something that he never did. Paul Edgecomb never forgets Coffey and every extra year that he was given, he spent thinking “why he killed one of [Gods] miracles.”
“Everyone has their own green mile, some are longer than others. And I have to question ‘If John can make a mouse live long whats not to say my time is coming soom too” (Paul Edgecomb).
This is a throwback because it is an old movie and provides a very relateable concept and warms the heart. It makes you think about your life and how everything will result in your judgement.

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